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We Are a James Hardie ELITE Preferred Contractor. As a James Hardie ELITE Preferred Contractor, you can rest assured that all products will be installed properly for ultimate performance. We comply with James Hardie Installation Best Practices and maintain a satisfactory credit report.

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We do NOT install or Repair EIFs Stucco Siding. We will replace your EIFs Stucco Siding with a different siding product.

    What Is Stucco Siding?

    Stucco siding is a type of exterior wall finish that is commonly used in residential and commercial construction. It is a cement-based material that is applied to the exterior of buildings to create a durable and decorative finish. The application process involves spreading multiple layers of plaster over a metal or wood framework.

    Stucco typically consists of cement, sand, and lime mixed with water to create a plaster-like material. It can be textured or smooth, and various additives may be used to enhance its properties. Stucco siding is known for its versatility, as it can be shaped and molded to create different architectural details and designs.

    The Problem with Stucco Siding

    Stucco siding can encounter specific issues in rainy areas due to the increased moisture exposure. Some common problems associated with stucco in regions with heavy rainfall include:

    Water Absorption:

    Stucco is porous, and if not properly sealed or maintained, it can absorb water. Excessive water absorption may lead to structural issues, such as rotting wood framing or damage to the building’s substrate.


    Rainwater, especially if accompanied by freeze-thaw cycles, can contribute to the development of cracks in the stucco. These cracks may compromise the integrity of the siding and allow more water to penetrate.

    Mold and Mildew Growth:

    Moist conditions in rainy areas create an environment conducive to mold and mildew growth on stucco surfaces. This not only affects the appearance but can also lead to health concerns and further damage.


    Rain can bring dissolved minerals to the surface of the stucco, resulting in a white, powdery substance known as efflorescence. While it doesn’t pose a structural threat, it can affect the aesthetic appeal of the siding.


    Rainwater may carry contaminants that can cause stains on the stucco surface. These stains can be challenging to remove and may impact the overall appearance of the siding.

    Expansion and Contraction:

    Stucco can expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. In rainy areas, the frequent wetting and drying cycles may contribute to this movement, potentially leading to cracking over time.

    To mitigate these issues, proper installation, regular inspections, and timely maintenance are crucial. Applying waterproof barriers, sealants, and addressing any cracks promptly can help protect stucco siding in rainy climates. Additionally, choosing the right stucco mix and incorporating proper drainage systems can contribute to the longevity and performance of stucco in areas prone to heavy rainfall.

     As beautiful as stucco is, the persistent rainfall in these areas can pose challenges, and one significant concern is the potential for rot behind the stucco. Let’s delve into this issue and explore effective solutions.

    Why Rot Occurs Behind Stucco Siding: This type of exterior is vulnerable to water infiltration, especially in regions with heavy rainfall. When water finds its way behind the stucco, it will lead to the deterioration of underlying materials, such as wood framing and plywood sheathing. This can result in rot, compromising the structural integrity of your property.

    Why Elite Home Exteriors NW Recommends James Hardie Siding!

    The wet, humid climate of the Pacific NW can test the limits of your home exterior, but not with James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. 

    James Hardie siding is the perfect siding for Pacific NW homes and is durable enough to withstand the weather and climate for years to come. 

    We recommend James Hardie siding to our clients because it is:

    • #1 Rated Durability
    • Rot-resistant
    • Fire-resistant
    • Insect-resistant
    • Uncompromising Performance
    • Elegant Aesthetics 

    James Hardie siding requires little to no maintenance and is way more cost-effective than other siding options like Cedar.

    If you’re looking for a beautiful, natural-looking exterior and long-lasting investment, you can’t go wrong with James Hardie siding.

    Elite Home Exteriors NW is a Certified Preferred James Hardie Installer And Contractor

    Elite Home Exteriors NW proudly serves the Portland and Vancouver areas as a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. 

    We comply with James Hardie Installation Best Practices and maintain a satisfactory credit report so we can provide all of our customers with a 30-year non-prorated warranty on James Hardie siding.

    With Elite Home Exteriors NW, you can expect a professional James Hardie siding installation or replacement with a satisfaction guarantee.

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    See what homeowners are saying about our work!

    Colleen Hass
    Colleen Hass
    Choose this company for you siding, you won't be sorry! The owner Ian, is far and above best contractor I have ever worked with. Excels at communication, follow up and explains everything in a friendly non-pressure way. I interviewed three other contractors, before settling on Elite. I knew I would be in good hands for this huge investment with Ian as he was genuine and sincere about providing the best result. Both the siding and the paint crew are top notch professionals, with a great work ethic and attention to detail, they are Hardie trained so you can be sure the installation was done to the highest standard and it shows! We went from ugly worn out 20 year vinyl to James Hardie siding, and the difference astounding, very very happy with what feels like a new house now.
    Colton O’Neill
    Colton O’Neill
    Ian is extremely knowledgeable at his craft. He was so patient with all of our questions and concerns. We felt so comfortable from the moment we met him. We met with a few other companies to do our due diligence but Ian was the clear choice.
    Adam Tuck
    Adam Tuck
    My home has a fairly complex exterior, and we were looking to re-side the home as we were dealing with constant issues of water intrusion. I was searching the greater Portland/Vancouver area for Siding Contractors for Hardie Siding, as we really just wanted something that would hold up against the elements and protect us in the case of any nearby fires (we’re close to some woods). After meeting Ian from Elite Home Exteriors, we decided to go with him and we couldn’t have been happier that we decided to go with him as out Siding Contractor. We had additional problems from the water damage too, and the folks he recommended were also top notch. Ian and team are a James Hardie Elite Preferred Siding Contractor, which means basically that he’s passed the highest certification for installing James Hardie siding products. I would work with him again, but based on his fit and finish, I probably won’t need to! Thanks Ian!
    D Gray (DGray)
    D Gray (DGray)
    Working with Ian and his company was an absolute pleasure. I currently own 2 homes and have had 3 previous houses, so I’ve had experience with many contractors over the last 20 years and most are not good. My husband and I had a water intrusion issue (undisclosed to us during a house purchase) that we subsequently discovered for ourselves 6 months later in the rainy season. After meeting with many contactors to figure out how to execute the repair, we decided that their prices were outrageous even for just a patch job and we decided to do the right thing and replace all the wood siding with Hardie plank. My husband found Ian online, and we met with him. He is excellent at communication, through emails/text and/or phone calls. He was always pleasant to meet with and didn’t talk to me as if I was a dumb homeowner, which happens quite a bit in this industry. He was happy to answer all my questions and work with us on a documented design for adding architectural details so there was no questions on how the job would look. He and his crew were always punctual and professional. They finished the job ahead of schedule and did everything promised. Honestly, the water intrusion situation was very stressful, but Ian made it a pleasure to get resolved. I am so happy that we went with him and have had excellent results. My high-strung HOA was even happy about his work and gave us a compliment. I wholeheartedly recommend him, and I would be happy to talk to anyone wanting a reference about our pleasant experience. It isn’t every day that such a huge job is completed with such ease and professionalism. I 100% recommend working with Ian and Elite Home Exteriors NW – you won’t be disappointed!
    roxanne sutton
    roxanne sutton
    The South wall of the house had rot and cut siding from a previous connected wood deck. Ian was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional from start to finish. He answered detailed questions, gave me several options to fit within my budget. Ian communicated with me throughout the process, and was accommodating when I requested more detail, or a change during planning phase. His crew shows up on schedule, were friendly and courteous of my property, and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving. The job was completed quickly and within budget. The new siding and paint is an asset to this house and exceeds my expectations. I enjoyed working with Ian, and would recommend Elite Home Exteriors NW to anyone considering a siding update for their home.
    Justin Acciavatti
    Justin Acciavatti
    Glad I hired Ian and his team to replace siding on the south-facing side of my house. Communication with Ian throughout project was as good as any contractor I've worked with. The work was done well, went smoothly, just what you want. Also glad to see them not show up in expensive vehicle wrapped graphics, etc that the customer pays for. I'll have more siding to do on my house and will hire them again.
    Lori Clark
    Lori Clark
    Great communication by the company. The workers are skilled, arrived on time, and they are very friendly. We love the work they did on our house. The new siding makes our older home look like a new house!
    Keith Belshaw
    Keith Belshaw
    I chose to contract the team at Elite Home Exteriors NW to replace my siding as they had a fair price and provided a detail guide of materials, process and standards. They exceeded my expectations by finishing work early, were quick to communicate, did a fantastic job of replacing the siding and the team that did the install were friendly and helpful. I would solidly recommend Elite Home Exteriors!
    Brendan Greenen
    Brendan Greenen
    Elite Home Exteriors NW did an outstanding job on re-siding our home. From the initial survey and quote, to scheduling and completing the work, they were extremely transparent, communicative and professional! Very happy with our new siding and paint for our home!
    Kosal Sam
    Kosal Sam
    Ian and his team done a fantastic job. We resided our home with new siding and exterior paint. We are very happy of the outcome of their work. They did a great job!

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      The History of Stucco Siding

      Stucco Top Coat Application DefectsStucco siding has a rich history that spans thousands of years and various cultures. Here’s an overview of its evolution:

      1. Ancient Origins: Stucco as a building material dates back to ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. These cultures used stucco primarily for decorative purposes, applying it to walls and structures to create smooth, durable surfaces adorned with intricate designs and reliefs.

      2. Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Stucco continued to be used throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe, particularly in the construction of churches, cathedrals, and palaces. During this time, stucco evolved from a decorative element to a functional building material, providing weatherproofing and structural reinforcement to masonry walls.

      3. Colonial America: Stucco found its way to the Americas through European colonization. In the Spanish colonies of the southwestern United States and Latin America, stucco became a common building material, owing to its suitability for the region’s arid climate. It was used to construct adobe buildings and missions, with variations in composition and application techniques influenced by local materials and traditions.

      4. 19th and 20th Centuries: Stucco remained a prevalent building material in the United States throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in regions with Mediterranean and Spanish architectural influences. However, its popularity waned with the advent of new construction materials and techniques, such as brick, wood, and concrete.

      5. Revival in Modern Construction: In the mid-20th century, stucco experienced a revival in modern construction, particularly in residential and commercial applications. With advancements in materials and application methods, stucco became an attractive option for architects and builders seeking a durable, fire-resistant, and low-maintenance exterior cladding material.

      6. Contemporary Applications: Today, stucco siding is widely used in both new construction and renovation projects, valued for its versatility, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. It can be applied to various substrates, including wood, masonry, and metal framing, and is available in a range of textures and finishes, from smooth and sleek to textured and rustic.

      7. Challenges and Maintenance: While stucco siding offers many benefits, it also requires proper installation and maintenance to prevent issues such as cracking, moisture intrusion, and mold growth. Regular inspections and repairs are essential to ensure the longevity and performance of stucco-clad structures.

      Overall, the history of stucco siding reflects its enduring appeal as a versatile and durable building material, shaped by centuries of cultural influences and technological advancements.