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    What Is T1-11 Panel Siding?

    T1-11 siding is a type of exterior siding that is commonly used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. The name “T1-11” refers to the product’s original trademark, and it is often pronounced as “tee-one-eleven” or simply “T-one-eleven.”

    T1-11 is made from plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) panels, and it is known for its grooved surface texture. The grooves are typically 4 inches or 8 inches apart and create a vertical pattern on the exterior of the building when the panels are installed. This style is often chosen for its rustic appearance and cost-effectiveness.

    Here are some key features and considerations related to T1-11 :


    T1-11 siding is usually made from plywood or OSB. Plywood T1-11 is composed of layers of wood veneer glued together, while OSB T1-11 is made from wood strands compressed and bonded with resin.


    The grooved texture of T1-11 adds visual interest to the exterior of a building. The grooves can vary in width and depth, and the pattern is typically vertical.


    T1-11 is commonly used for residential and light commercial construction as an exterior cladding material. It is often applied to the sides of buildings, sheds, and barns. Builders use this product to cut corners because it acts a “Sheathing” as well as siding instead of a Lap Siding and Plywood underneath.

    Painting or Staining:

    T1-11 can be painted or stained to enhance its appearance and protect it from the elements. The grooves can create shadow lines that contribute to the overall aesthetics of the structure.


    T1-1 is difficult and awkward to install. It is typically available in 4×8-foot panels, and installation involves attaching the panels to the framing of the building.


    Major maintenance, including more than regular painting or staining and addressing any water damage, is important to extend the lifespan of T1-11 siding.

    Unveiling T1-11 Siding Issues in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon: A Comprehensive Guide

    While T1-11 has been widely used, it’s essential to note that there are alternative siding materials on the market, and the choice of siding depends on factors such as budget, desired appearance, and regional climate conditions. Additionally, newer siding options with improved durability and resistance to moisture may be preferred like James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding.

    The Allure of T1-11 Siding

    T1-11 is a popular choice for homeowners in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, known for its rustic charm and versatility. However, like any building material, T1-11 comes with its set of challenges, especially when faced with the unique climate conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

    Understanding Siding Issues

    1. Moisture Intrusion:

    The damp climate in Vancouver and Portland makes T1-11 siding susceptible to moisture intrusion. When exposed to excessive rain and humidity, T1-11 may absorb water, leading to warping, swelling, and, ultimately, compromising its structural integrity.

    1. Rot and Decay:

    In regions with high humidity levels, such as the Pacific Northwest, T1-11 is prone to rot and decay. If not properly treated or maintained, these issues can spread, jeopardizing the overall durability and aesthetics of your home.

    1. Fading and Discoloration:

    Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can result in fading and discoloration of T1-11. This not only diminishes the curb appeal of your home but may also indicate a need for protective measures to extend the lifespan of your siding.

    1. Insect Infestations:

    The natural wood fibers in T1-11 siding can attract pests, such as termites and carpenter ants. Infestations can lead to severe structural damage, making it crucial to address any signs of insect activity promptly.

    Our Expert Insights on T1-11 Issues

    At Elite Home Exteriors NW, we understand the challenges posed by T1-11 in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and experience to address these issues head-on and provide effective solutions.

    What Types of T1-11 Panel Siding are Available?

     There are a few variations and types of T1-11, each with its own characteristics. Here are some common types:

    Plywood Siding:

    This is the traditional T1-11 made from sheets of plywood. It typically has a grooved pattern that resembles vertical planks. Plywood T1-11 siding is cost-effective and provides a classic look suitable for various architectural styles.

    Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Siding:

    An alternative to plywood, OSB T1-11 siding is made from layers of wood compressed and bonded together. Unlike solid Plywood, OSB siding may have a textured appearance and is often less expensive than plywood, but rots very easy.

    Fiber Cement Siding:

    Fiber Cement T1-11 (James Hardie Plank Panel Siding) is a composite material made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It offers durability, resistance to insects and rot, and comes with a smooth or textured finish. Fiber cement siding can be painted, allowing for customization.

    Engineered Wood Siding:

    Engineered wood combines wood strands or fibers with adhesive resins to create a strong and stable material. It offers the natural appearance of wood with enhanced durability and resistance to warping, splitting, and decay.

    SmartSide (LP):

    SmartSide is a brand of engineered wood siding that often features a T1-11 groove pattern. It is designed to replicate the look of traditional wood siding but is rebranded from “LP” (Louisiana Pacific Siding) which went into a lawsuit.

    Pressure-Treated Siding:

    T1-11 can be pressure-treated with preservatives to enhance its resistance to decay, insects, and moisture.

    Pressure-treated Siding is commonly used in areas with high humidity or where direct contact with the ground is a concern.

    Elite Home Exteriors NW: Experts in T1-11 Panel Siding Replacement And James Hardie Siding Installation

    At Elite Home Exteriors NW, we have completed dozens of T1-11 Siding replacements in the Vancouver and Portland area and have the expertise and knowledge to do so correctly.

    As an Elite Preferred James Hardie Contractor, we can replace your T1-11 siding with James Hardie siding with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate for your exterior replacement.

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    Colleen Hass
    Colleen Hass
    Choose this company for you siding, you won't be sorry! The owner Ian, is far and above best contractor I have ever worked with. Excels at communication, follow up and explains everything in a friendly non-pressure way. I interviewed three other contractors, before settling on Elite. I knew I would be in good hands for this huge investment with Ian as he was genuine and sincere about providing the best result. Both the siding and the paint crew are top notch professionals, with a great work ethic and attention to detail, they are Hardie trained so you can be sure the installation was done to the highest standard and it shows! We went from ugly worn out 20 year vinyl to James Hardie siding, and the difference astounding, very very happy with what feels like a new house now.
    Colton O’Neill
    Colton O’Neill
    Ian is extremely knowledgeable at his craft. He was so patient with all of our questions and concerns. We felt so comfortable from the moment we met him. We met with a few other companies to do our due diligence but Ian was the clear choice.
    Adam Tuck
    Adam Tuck
    My home has a fairly complex exterior, and we were looking to re-side the home as we were dealing with constant issues of water intrusion. I was searching the greater Portland/Vancouver area for Siding Contractors for Hardie Siding, as we really just wanted something that would hold up against the elements and protect us in the case of any nearby fires (we’re close to some woods). After meeting Ian from Elite Home Exteriors, we decided to go with him and we couldn’t have been happier that we decided to go with him as out Siding Contractor. We had additional problems from the water damage too, and the folks he recommended were also top notch. Ian and team are a James Hardie Elite Preferred Siding Contractor, which means basically that he’s passed the highest certification for installing James Hardie siding products. I would work with him again, but based on his fit and finish, I probably won’t need to! Thanks Ian!
    D Gray (DGray)
    D Gray (DGray)
    Working with Ian and his company was an absolute pleasure. I currently own 2 homes and have had 3 previous houses, so I’ve had experience with many contractors over the last 20 years and most are not good. My husband and I had a water intrusion issue (undisclosed to us during a house purchase) that we subsequently discovered for ourselves 6 months later in the rainy season. After meeting with many contactors to figure out how to execute the repair, we decided that their prices were outrageous even for just a patch job and we decided to do the right thing and replace all the wood siding with Hardie plank. My husband found Ian online, and we met with him. He is excellent at communication, through emails/text and/or phone calls. He was always pleasant to meet with and didn’t talk to me as if I was a dumb homeowner, which happens quite a bit in this industry. He was happy to answer all my questions and work with us on a documented design for adding architectural details so there was no questions on how the job would look. He and his crew were always punctual and professional. They finished the job ahead of schedule and did everything promised. Honestly, the water intrusion situation was very stressful, but Ian made it a pleasure to get resolved. I am so happy that we went with him and have had excellent results. My high-strung HOA was even happy about his work and gave us a compliment. I wholeheartedly recommend him, and I would be happy to talk to anyone wanting a reference about our pleasant experience. It isn’t every day that such a huge job is completed with such ease and professionalism. I 100% recommend working with Ian and Elite Home Exteriors NW – you won’t be disappointed!
    roxanne sutton
    roxanne sutton
    The South wall of the house had rot and cut siding from a previous connected wood deck. Ian was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional from start to finish. He answered detailed questions, gave me several options to fit within my budget. Ian communicated with me throughout the process, and was accommodating when I requested more detail, or a change during planning phase. His crew shows up on schedule, were friendly and courteous of my property, and cleaned up thoroughly before leaving. The job was completed quickly and within budget. The new siding and paint is an asset to this house and exceeds my expectations. I enjoyed working with Ian, and would recommend Elite Home Exteriors NW to anyone considering a siding update for their home.
    Justin Acciavatti
    Justin Acciavatti
    Glad I hired Ian and his team to replace siding on the south-facing side of my house. Communication with Ian throughout project was as good as any contractor I've worked with. The work was done well, went smoothly, just what you want. Also glad to see them not show up in expensive vehicle wrapped graphics, etc that the customer pays for. I'll have more siding to do on my house and will hire them again.
    Lori Clark
    Lori Clark
    Great communication by the company. The workers are skilled, arrived on time, and they are very friendly. We love the work they did on our house. The new siding makes our older home look like a new house!
    Keith Belshaw
    Keith Belshaw
    I chose to contract the team at Elite Home Exteriors NW to replace my siding as they had a fair price and provided a detail guide of materials, process and standards. They exceeded my expectations by finishing work early, were quick to communicate, did a fantastic job of replacing the siding and the team that did the install were friendly and helpful. I would solidly recommend Elite Home Exteriors!
    Brendan Greenen
    Brendan Greenen
    Elite Home Exteriors NW did an outstanding job on re-siding our home. From the initial survey and quote, to scheduling and completing the work, they were extremely transparent, communicative and professional! Very happy with our new siding and paint for our home!
    Kosal Sam
    Kosal Sam
    Ian and his team done a fantastic job. We resided our home with new siding and exterior paint. We are very happy of the outcome of their work. They did a great job!

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      The History of T1-11 Siding

      T1-11 siding has a history rooted in the mid-20th century and is closely associated with the rise of modern construction materials and techniques. Here’s an overview of its development:

      1. Introduction in the 1960s: T1-11 siding was introduced in the 1960s as a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood siding options. It was developed to meet the growing demand for durable and affordable exterior cladding materials in residential and commercial construction.

      2. Manufacturing Process: T1-11 siding is made from plywood panels with vertical grooves spaced evenly apart, giving it a textured appearance when installed. The “T1” designation refers to the type of plywood used in its construction, while the “11” indicates the width of the grooves (typically 11 inches).

      3. Popularity in Post-War Construction: T1-11 siding gained popularity during the post-World War II construction boom in the United States. Its affordability, ease of installation, and rustic aesthetic appealed to builders and homeowners alike, particularly in suburban and rural areas.

      4. Versatility: T1-11 siding offered versatility in design, allowing for a range of architectural styles and finishes. It could be painted or stained to achieve different looks, from traditional to contemporary, making it a popular choice for residential applications such as homes, sheds, and barns.

      5. Challenges and Maintenance: Despite its initial popularity, T1-11 siding faced challenges related to durability and maintenance. Over time, the plywood panels were prone to rot, warping, and delamination when exposed to moisture, requiring regular inspection and upkeep to prevent deterioration.

      6. Evolution and Alternatives: In response to these issues, manufacturers developed engineered wood siding products that offered improved durability and weather resistance compared to traditional T1-11 siding. These alternatives, such as oriented strand board (OSB) siding and fiber cement siding, became increasingly popular choices for exterior cladding in residential and commercial construction.

      7. Continued Usage: Despite the availability of newer siding options, T1-11 siding continues to be used in certain applications where its rustic charm and affordability are valued. It remains a common choice for rural homes, agricultural buildings, and other structures where a traditional aesthetic is desired.

      Overall, the history of T1-11 siding reflects its role as a durable and cost-effective exterior cladding material that has evolved alongside advancements in construction technology and consumer preferences. While newer alternatives have emerged, T1-11 siding continues to have a place in the market for those seeking a rustic and economical siding solution.