Siding Repair Camas

Siding Contractors CamasHome exteriors don’t always last as long as you expect. Depending on the type of siding, homeowners may need to put extra effort into maintaining the exterior of their homes. At Elite Home Exteriors NW, we’ve been doing siding repair in Camas for years, and we know what to expect when you call us out to your property for a free inspection and estimate.

Elite Home Exteriors NW has professional siding installation experts in Camas and can repair and replace your home’s old siding. We also provide excellent roofing and window replacement services to our customers.

Exterior Inspections

Our inspectors know what to look for when it comes to siding deterioration and damage. Common problems we see almost every day on the job come in the form of wood rot around the window trim or sub wall, moss growth, or rot along the base of your exterior.

Whatever the problem may be, the professionals at Elite Home Exteriors NW have the solutions for long-term and cost-effective siding. Whether you have cement composite siding or T1-11, we’ll outfit your home with a solid barrier against the wind, rain, hail, and other forces of nature.

Wood Siding Repair

Homeowners who choose natural wood siding use raw cedar wood for their siding. Old-growth cedar, which has excellent water-resistance and durability, is no longer used for building materials. New growth cedar, however lacking the oils and structural elements that make old-growth cedar so great, is still a viable option for your exterior.

T1-11 siding is another type of wood siding that is affordable, but less durable. Having this type of siding in a damp climate like Camas, Washington, has its disadvantages. However, the pros at Elite Home Exteriors NW not only provide maintenance services but can also make partial repairs to extend the life of your wood siding.

  • Cracked or split boards
  • Dry rot
  • Faded color
  • Moss growth
  • Bug infestations

Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl Plank Siding Camas
Like T1-11 siding, vinyl siding can be an excellent choice for budget-minded homeowners. Vinyl siding can come in different colors and designs and is one of the most affordable options for siding.

Like wood siding, however, vinyl is also prone to damage since it is less reliable than composite cement or wood alternatives. Vinyl isn’t a breathable material like wood or cement composite, which can lead to rot underneath when moisture becomes trapped within the vinyl siding. Here are some effects that can happen because of this:

  • Warping
  • Discoloration
  • Bubbling
  • Peeling

Replace Your Damaged Siding With Composite Siding

Most often, when your home exterior is showing even the smallest indication of damage or rot, there are more problems beneath the surface. A complete tear-off and replacement of old siding become a necessity–especially if you intend to sell your home soon.

At Elite Home Exteriors, we install every type of industry-leading siding. If you want Owens Corning, HardiePlank, or any other big name in the industry, we will make it happen. Our contractors specialize in all projects that have to do with exterior repair, installation, and maintenance.

Lead-Based Paint Certified

In addition to repairing your home’s siding, Elite Home Exteriors NW is Lead-Based Paint Abatement Certified, meaning we can work on homes that have used lead-based paint. Companies are unable to work on lead-based paint homes without this certification. We make sure that we can work on every home, without any issues, and that we have adequate training in the correct methods of how to remove siding with lead-based paint. That is just another aspect of what makes an elite siding company!

Expert Siding Contractors in Camas

Elite Home Exteriors NW is a family-owned business. We believe in transparency and honesty to build and maintain our relationships with customers. We believe that we are not selling a product but a service. Our customers are confident with us and the services we offer. Our motto is- “Committed to Quality, Rain, or Shine.” What this means is we will always go above and beyond. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our work is what matters.

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