IKO Cambridge Architectural Roofing Shingle

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Looking for a great roof shingle at a fair price? IKO Cambridge is an excellent choice for your roof replacement. This asphalt roof shingle comes in 10 different beautiful colors with durability that comes from algae resistant technology, Fiberglass Mat, Blow Off Protection and Seal Protection Bonding. Combine this with IKO’s Stormite underlayment for the […]

Is it expensive to fix or replace your siding?

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Is it expensive to replace my siding?

There are many factors when pricing for siding replacement. It also depends on hat your budget is. for example here are some questions you should answer before getting bids on a new siding replacement. What type of siding do you currently have? How many Layers? Does it contain LEAD base paint? Does it contain ASBESTOS? […]

What is causing algae to growth on my roof shingles?

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Roof Algae Replacement Repair

Algae growth on roof shingles is very common issue here in the NW, Portland OR, Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. The good news is it does not affect the function and performance of the shingle. Gloeocapsa as known as algae is only an aesthetic problem. Lucky roof shingles now have algae resistant technology to help […]

What’s the best siding for my rental property?

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Vinyl Siding! Unless you don’t mind paying for a paint job every 7-10 years and the higher cost of James Hardie Fiber Cement. We have worked on many rentals where homeowners never want to paint again. Vinyl siding is the lowest maintenance siding available. James HardiePlank does have its perks. It won’t melt if a […]

What’s the best siding for Apartments?

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Multifamily Apartment Condo Townhouse Portland OR Vancouver WA

This really depends on a couple things. Budget, maintenance importance, curb appeal and age of structure. If you want a low maintenance exterior and never have to paint again, vinyl siding is the best decision. If you want a modern style siding with curb appeal and Shake or Board and Batten accents on walls and […]

What is pre painted James Hardieplank Color Plus?

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Elite Home Exteriors NW Portland OR

James Hardie manufactures a fiber cement siding available in pre primed or pre painted which they call “Color Plus” There are a handful of colors to choose from. The benefit of investing your home exterior with Color Plus is its a finished product and will be complete as soon as the installers caulk where needed […]

Does siding require any maintenance?

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Siding Contractor Installation Repair

Yes! All siding requires maintenance. James HardiePlank, Vinyl, EIFs, Stucco, Brick, Stone, and wood siding all have different maintenance cycles. Contact us for more information on what is the best investment for your exterior. Fiber Cement James Hardie has a 30 year Non Pro Rated Warranty. This product comes pre primed or pre painted. Quad […]

Is new siding a good investment for my home?

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James Hardieplank Siding replacement

New siding is one of the best investments for your for many reasons. Siding can be expensive but in the long run it can save you thousands of dollars. Here are some benefits to a siding replacement from your local contractor. Benefits for investing in new siding replacement. Updated Curb appeal You are able to […]

Dry Rot!

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Dry Rot Repair

Does my home have DRY ROT? Many homeowners fear the risk of Dry Rot on their home. believe it or not we come across it on almost every project. Dangers of Dry Rot Mold (Black & White) Fungus Health concern to adults and Children Expensive to repair and replace (If you wait too long) Can […]

What is the lifespan of siding?

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Siding Damage

What is the lifespan of siding? There are a few types of siding available here in the northwest. It’s important to install these exterior products correctly for maximum durability. We are Elite Home Exteriors NW have fixed multiple “Contractor Defect” projects due to wrong installation. Vinyl Siding (Kaycan, Mastic, Alside) – Vinyl siding can last […]


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