Multi-Family Siding Portland OR Vancouver WA

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Multifamily Exterior Construction Remodel Portland OR

Did you know Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in Multi-Family Siding, Multi-Family Roofing, Multi-Family Windows, Multi-Family Painting, Multi-Family Decking and Multi-Family Stone work? We install all products per manufactures installation guidelines and to Building State Code. Elite Home Exteriors NW services Vancouver WA, Portland OR and all surrounding areas. With attention to detail and outstanding […]

Siding Repair Vancouver WA

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Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in Siding Repair in Vancouver WA. We have seen everything front BBQ melting vinyl siding to improper James Hardie Plank Installation to Rotting Lp Wood Siding. We have extensive training and decades of experience of Siding Repair and Siding Replacement. James Hardie Siding Failures- Cracked Corners due to wrong face […]

James Hardieplank Color Plus Pre Painted Siding in Lake Oswego OR

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James Hardie Plank Color Plus Fiber Cement Contractors Lake Oswego OR

Looking for a Siding Contractor Lake Oswego OR or Portland Metro area? You have probably already heard of James Hardie Plank Siding. This Fiber Cement Siding Exterior is the most popular product you can have installed by your Preferred Contractor due to Durability, Manufacture Warranty, Energy Efficiency and Curb Appeal. Most homeowners do not want […]

Vinyl Siding Repair Portland OR

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Kaycan Vinyl Siding Contractor Portland OR Installation

Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in all brands and styles of siding. Vinyl is still a very popular siding to install on homes in Portland OR, Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. Vinyl Siding Contractors do not install James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement siding the same way. Vinyl Siding is anchored differently and takes a different […]

Do I Need New Windows?

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Window Replacement Near Me

Thats a great question! Every time Elite Home Exteriors NW Contractor installs new windows, I always follow up by asking “Can you tell a difference with the new windows?” and my happy customers always say “Yes! Our home is warmer and the sound from outside is much quieter.” We at Elite Home Exteriors NW are […]

Roofing in Vancouver WA

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Roof Replacement Owens Corning Vancouver WA

Many homeowners in experience Roofing in Vancouver WA. Rain, Tree Debris, Wind and Algae all put wear and tear on your roof. Not many people get on their roof to inspect the condition. Usually homeowners notice they need a new roof replacement or roof repair when a leak occurs or when the Architectural Roof Shingle […]

What is Construction Defect Repair in Clackamas OR?

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hardie siding improper install Contractors

Exteriors Construction Defect Repair is when the previous contractors do not install the exterior system products properly and new local contractors need to fix the areas causing the problems. Elite Home Exteriors NW specialize in inspecting areas around your exterior envelope to see potential water intrusion and problematic areas. With over a decade in the […]

EIFs and Stucco Exterior Siding in Vancouver WA

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EIFs Dryvit Stucco Siding Subwall WATER Damage

Have you ever heard of EIFS Siding also known as Stucco? It’s one of the worst siding exteriors you can put on your home. Not many siding contractors in this area install EIFS due to high liability. Elite Home Exteriors NW Specializes in abating EIFS and true Stucco to replace with a product that will […]

Elite Home Exteriors NW Now on Youtube!

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Youtube Elite Home Exteriors NW Contractor

Elite Home Exteriors NW is now on Youtube! We will be making videos of our exterior projects throughout the year. Watch the transformation and quality of our local job sites. You will see projects of Siding, Roofing, Painting, Doors & Windows, Decking, Dry Rot, Stone and more! Your local Contractor Elite Home Exteriors NW, services […]

CertainTeed Weatherboard Fiber Cement

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CertainTeed Weatherboard Fiber Cement Siding Failure Lawsuit

Did you know that CertainTeed Weatherboard Fiber Cement was one of the competing exterior siding products with James Hardie Plank? That was before the Weatherboard fiber cement siding failed and went into a class action lawsuit paying out millions of dollars. The boards would shrink too much and start to crack and fall off the […]


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