What is a Preferred Contractor?

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Preferred Contractor

Sadly a preferred contractor can mean many different things. Some of the main big manufacturers give out “Preferred Icon Graphics” like candy to contractors making those contractors look legit. Other big manufacturers charge contractors to be a part of their Preferred Program while requiring that contractor to up-sell specific products. Some manufacturers do require specific […]

How to Search for an Exterior Company?

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Exterior Remodel Search

There are many different search terms for exterior companies. Siding Contractor, Siding Installation, Roof Replacement, Dry Rot Repair, Window & Door Replacement are a few. A Google search is what you need is a great start to push you in the right direction. Reading blogs on contractors websites educates you with our terminology. Another way […]

What is Stone Siding?

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Stone Siding Installation Contractor

Stone Siding makes any home look incredible. There are many different styles and colors to give your home the perfect look. Siding designs often use stone as an accent to your full home exterior. Siding Contractors are able to install both Siding and Stone and is important to flash and water proof per State Code. […]

What roofing material lasts the longest?

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Roofing Services in Vancouver WA

The roof over you and your families head is important to us. We want it to last for a lifetime with no leaks! The majority of people are expected to live in a home for 10-15 years. The majority of the Roofing shingles sold today come with a Lifetime Warranty (50 Years). Companies like Owens […]

Is fiber siding the right choice for my home?

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Fiber Cement Siding James Hardie Plank

Fiber Cement Siding is an excellent investment for your exterior. It’s not always the best choice but more times than not it’s the right choice for your home. James Hardie Plank is the leading Fiber Cement manufacturer in the world. CertainTeed Weatherboard went into a class action lawsuit due to their Fiber Cement Shrinking. They […]

Can Vinyl Siding be repaired?

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Vinyl Siding Installation

Yes and No! You can not fix a hole in vinyl siding. You have to replace the panel and it’s really hard to find the exact color and wood grain that matches. We are able to get it close and pull siding from low visible areas to patch in where high visible areas that nee […]

Siding, How Long Does It Last?

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There are many types of siding to choose from on your exterior home remodel. Some will last a lot longer than others. Here in the Portland OR, Vancouver Wa and Surrounding areas, Wood Siding like Cedar, T1-11 Wood Siding, and LP (Louisiana Pacific Siding) is not a great idea. Why? Because wood will eventually rot! […]

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

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James Hardie Siding and James Hardie Trim

Fiber Cement Siding is an exterior product made from Cellulose and Cement pressed in to 12’ long boards with a wood grain texture. A few reasons why Fiber Cement is the most popular siding in the Northwest is…. Extreme Durability 30 Year Non Pro Rated, Transferrable to the next home owner Warranty Paintable One of […]

What is Hardie Board?

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James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding With Hardie Trim

Hardie Board also known as James Hardie Plank Siding is an exterior siding that is made of Cellulose fibers and Cement. This delivers incredible durability to your exterior envelope. It comes Pre Primed or Pre Painted directly for the James Hardie Factory. Hardie Plank is one of the best products you can put on your […]

Cedar Lap Siding

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Cedar Lap Siding

Cedar is a very popular exterior siding option. Homeowners often dislike the manufactured fake look of Fiber Cement or Vinyl siding. Nothing compares to a real wood grain texture and beauty. Painting or staining cedar siding helps with durability here in the Pacific Northwest. Wood siding has its pros and cons just like any other […]



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