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Hardie Board vs. Stucco: Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Stucco Siding Today

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth

You are looking to replace your stucco siding, but you don’t know if Hardie Board is the right option for […]

The Most Popular Hardie Board Siding Colors to Consider for Your Home

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
hardie board siding colors

Are you considering Hardie Board siding for your home, but are unsure what colors to choose? Your house needs a […]

James Hardie Installation: To DIY or Not to DIY?

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
james hardie DIY

It’s time to give your home a facelift.  You’re considering Hardie Board siding — and are thinking of installing it […]

5 Reasons LP Siding Isn’t a Good Choice for Your Home

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
Is Lp Siding Bad

You noticed it after the last rainstorm; your siding is not looking too great. When you bought the house, the […]

Adding New Siding to Your Home? Consider These James Hardie Board Pros and Cons

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
Hardie Board Pros And Cons (1)

It’s time to replace your home’s siding. You’ve asked around and scoured the web for advice on the best type […]

Is Hardie Board Expensive? Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Siding Option for Your Home

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth

Are you in the market for new siding for your home? Maybe you’ve heard that Hardie board is the best […]

A Complete Guide to the James Hardie Siding Warranty

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth

If you want to improve your home’s exterior by replacing its siding, you have probably done your research to compare […]

Is James Hardie Siding Resistant to Hail Damage? The Durability of James Hardie Siding and How It Compares to Other Types of Siding

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
James Hardie Siding Resist Hail

Your home’s exterior is one of the first things people see.  You want your siding to make an impact — […]

Understanding the Lifespan of Hardie Board Siding and Why It’s a Good Investment

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth

Does your siding need to be replaced? Have you compared siding prices and are overwhelmed? Yes, siding installation is a […]

Does Hardie Board Increase the Value of Your Home?

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
Hardie Board Increase Value Of Home

If you’ve been thinking about updating your home’s vinyl or wood siding you’ve probably heard about the benefits of the […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Power Washing Your Hardie Board Siding

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth

Your siding is beginning to look a little drab. You can see the mildew and dirt building up in the […]

Why Hire a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor?

Posted on by PortlandSEOGrowth
james hardie elite preferred-contractor

Is your siding in need of replacement? Are you looking at contractors and are inundated with the choices? Installing siding […]



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