Repair Or Replace Your Home’s Siding

Siding Repair MilwaukieElite Home Exteriors NW can address the siding repair on your Milwaukie home, no matter the material. We’re happy to offer you a choice when it comes to your worn-out or damaged siding: Repair or replace — you decide! We’re one of the very few siding companies in the area that offer customers this choice. For siding repair or siding installation, call Elite Home Exteriors NW today!

Signs You May Need Siding Repair

The exterior of your home heavily impacts curb appeal, not to mention the overall integrity and protection of your home. Some telltale signs suggest you may need siding repairs made as soon as possible:

  •         Cracked or split boards
  •         Dry rot
  •         Faded color
  •         Moss growth
  •         Bug infestations

  •         Warping
  •         Discoloration
  •         Bubbling
  •         Peeling
  •         Cracking

Our Approach to Siding Repair

After many years of research into Masonite siding, vinyl siding repair, and aluminum siding repair, we’ve developed a process for inspecting, assessing, and repairing siding that allows you to have potentially many more options than you did before. Often, our process for exterior siding repair will allow you the option to address the problem areas without the increased waste or cost associated with a full siding replacement.

Our siding contractors consider all the factors when determining suggestions, specific product and systems failures, maintenance, and life cycles of the siding system. Further, your personal goals — such as how long you look to be in the home and budget – will always be a key consideration for any wood siding repair or cedar siding repair project.

Residential Siding Repair MilwaukieClients choosing vinyl siding repair or aluminum siding repair often save many thousands of dollars when compared to their full replacement options. If repair isn’t enough, we can always replace it all (and we’re fantastic at total replacement), but it’s worth a look to see if saving thousands is a route, you’re able to take. All in all, we can repair a hole in vinyl siding, or we can do a full install of Owens corner siding. The choice is always yours when you opt to work with Elite Home Exteriors NW, one of the country’s most cutting-edge siding repair companies.


Our Repair Process and the Damage We Can Repair

There are a variety of causes for siding damage and the extent of repairs needed. 

External Damage and Exterior Siding Repair: Typically, the first sign of trouble is moisture retention and swelling. Water in the walls can mean big trouble. If you’ve spotted the need for vinyl siding corner repair at your home, likely, some hidden problems are already cropping up underneath.

Internal Damage: Behind the need for exterior siding repair, framing walls are often rotted and full of mold and moisture.

Extensive Damage: If left untreated, framing can rot so severely that electrical wires can be exposed.

Framing & Insulation: When needed, new framing and insulation are installed to code by trained siding contractors.

New Siding: Damaged siding boards are replaced as needed and then color-matched to existing siding.

Preventative Measures: Our service reps can identify the need for work outside the scope of exterior siding repair. If needed, we’ll also install preventative measures to divert water and prevent problems down the road.

Choose Elite Home Exteriors NW For Your Siding Needs

Elite Home Exteriors NW is a family-owned business. We believe our relationships with our customers should include honesty and transparency. We believe that we are not selling a product but a service. Our customers are confident with us and the services we offer. Our motto is- “Committed to Quality, Rain, or Shine.” We will always go above and beyond for the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our work.