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EIFs and Stucco Exterior Siding in Vancouver WA

Have you ever heard of EIFS Siding also known as Stucco? It’s one of the worst siding exteriors you can put on your home. Not many siding contractors in this area install EIFS due to high liability. Elite Home Exteriors NW Specializes in abating EIFS and true Stucco to replace with a product that will last a lifetime. James HardiePlank, Vinyl, Metal and Cedar Siding are the top exterior systems to install for contractors in Portland OR, Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. The biggest problem with EIFS siding is that water can easily get behind the siding and rot your subwall without showing any sign of damage from the outside. Most EIFS siding homes we have worked on have no house wrap weather barrier underneath the EIFs Stucco siding allowing moisture and water intrusion to occur. Homeowners in the NorthWest area have spent tens to hundreds of thousands to remove EIFS, fix dry rot and replace with a superior product.

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EIFs and Stucco Exterior Siding in Vancouver WA

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