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EIFs Stucco Siding Contractor Vancouver WA ELITE Home Exteriors NW

EIFs Stucco Siding Replacement Vancouver WA

EIFs Stucco Siding is nothing but bad news here in Vancouver WA. Local Siding Contractors know the dry rot potential underneath the EIFS Siding. The problem with EIFs Stucco Siding is it will not show signs of Dry Rot until there is interior signs of water intrusion. At this time who knows how long water has been rotting out your home. Elite Home Exteriors NW does not install EIFs Stucco or Dryvit but they can replace with James Hardie Plank, Cedar, Vinyl Siding or Metal Siding. EIFs Stucco Siding does have its own curb appeal and works well in Arizona and California but should never be installed on a home here in Vancouver WA. If you have a home with EIFs Stucco Siding or are looking to buy a home with EIFs Stucco Siding, you need to talk to a Siding Contractor who specializes in exterior applications and waterproofing.

Contact Elite Home Exteriors NW who specializes in EIFs Stucco Siding Replacement for a free inspection.

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EIFs Stucco Siding Replacement Vancouver WA

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