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Dry Rot Water Damage on cedar siding vancouver wa

Do I Have Dry Rot?

Many homes here in the NW, Portland OR, Vancouver WA and surrounding areas have dry rot. Most homeowners do not notice rot until they have a problem. Roof leaks, Stained Sheetrock, Window leaks, Peeling paint on siding, etc. Today I had a homeowner that had stains on her sheetrock on the 1st floor of her kitchen window. I immediately went upstairs to see the condition of the window on the 2nd story directly above the window that showed signs of wear. After more poking and inspecting, I found that the caulking was cracked under the window frame and going behind the siding down into her kitchen window.  The featured picture on this dry rot blog is a photo of her rotten window sill. We replaced it with James Hardie Trim and used the best caulking on the market, OSI Quad Max Caulking. Unfortunately my customer had to reside her entire wall so we could fix the dry rot in between the 2 windows. She had us install James Hardie Lap and Shake siding. A superior product that cant rot! No more rot problems for her!

Did you know?

  • Fresh Paint can cover rotting soft siding.
  • Wind driven rain can travel and all directions.
  • Cheap caulking can crack within a couple years of installation
  • Wood siding rots much quicker if not prepped and painted every 5-7 years.
  • The south wall is almost always the worst condition of the home.
  • Lack of proper flashing can cause water to get behind your siding and rot without you knowing.

There is a high chance you have rot somewhere on your home. Contact us today for a free inspection and professional opinion on possible water intrusion areas on your home.

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Do I Have Dry Rot?

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