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Lake Oswego Oregon Snow Exterior Siding

Will Snow Damage My Siding?

Snow can not only damage your exterior siding but it can cause extensive leaks causing even more interior damage. The reason why snow is not good for your exterior siding or roofing shingles is because the builds up against the exterior envelope and then slowly melts. Leaks like this can reach areas much higher than typical rain. Products like James HardiePlank Fiber Cement is incredible durable but the engineers still do not like water and snow resting on their product. A cut piece of Fiber Cement is prone to swelling vs factor sealed cut and primed edge. It will take many years for fiber cement to break down in moisture but will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Wood siding in the snow is a terrible idea. The snow builds up and then slowly melts creating more time for the wood siding to be saturated in water. This causes dry rot and structure damage much quicker.

Vinyl siding gets cold and brittle and can easily crack or get damaged. Vinyl siding also is an excellent insulator for your home.

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Will Snow Damage My Siding?

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