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How expensive is siding in Lake Oswego OR?

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW

How expensive is siding in Lake Oswego OR?

There are many factors that play into the price of siding. square footage of your home, Current siding product installed on your home, how many layers of siding, LEAD Base Paint, Product you want installed and what exterior company you get a quote from.

You’ll find siding prices that very be the tens of thousands on your exterior project. Companies that advertise on the radio, billboards and have show rooms all have higher operation costs which in turn have to pass that cost down to the customers. Company work trucks with Logo decals are not cheap. Most companies have commission based salesmen who have never one installed the product they are selling. Most salesmen are commission based. They usually make 7-10% of the total contract. Thats usually why those salesmen are being pushy by telling you to get new windows and a roof with your new siding while the owner is golfing in Vegas. 

Some contractors wave a fancy “Preferred Contractor” logo to make them look more qualified for the job. Did you know that James Hardie and Vinyl Siding installation guidlines are publicly shared online? Elite Home Exteriors NW is proud to be unbiased on all exterior system products!

Elite Home Exteriors NW has no commission based salesmen. Elite Home Exteriors NW is a Siding Contractor that will never talk you into a product you don’t need. Get a fair and honest price and quality service. Call today for your free quote!


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