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Multi Family Siding In Portland Oregon

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
Multi-family Siding Contractors Milwaukie

Whats the best type of siding for Multifamily Exterior Siding? There are pros and cons to every siding exterior. Budget, Low Maintenance, Durability and curb appeal all play a factor on what the best option is for your complex.

Fiber Cement Siding Contractors-

James Hardie Fiber Cement or Allura Fiber Cement are the most popular out of all the fiber cement options. Siding Contractors consider this exterior product the most durable. It comes primed or pre painted. Both offer an outstanding warranty. Many different options for curb appeal.

Vinyl SidingContractors –

There are very few vinyl manufacturers in business anymore. Vinyl was big back in the 90’s and started to die off when James Hardie became popular but Vinyl Siding is still a great option for Multi Family and Residential. Siding installers have a couple manufacturers in the Portland OR, Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. Vinyl is the lowest maintenance siding available. You never have to paint it. Panels are easily interchangeable and have a realistic wood texture pattern. Vinyl siding also has a great warranty.

Cedar Siding Contractors –

Not many Siding Installers or Siding Contractors will be honest and up front with you on Cedar siding. DO NOT BUY CEDAR SIDING! It is one of the worst exterior systems you can put on your home. It Rots, will eventually not take paint and blister, It swells and allows water to intrude into your subwall sheathing. It has NO warranty……Zero!

Metal Siding Contractors –

This is a great option for durability, low maintenance, Fire Resistant and can not rot. It is more expensive than James Hardie Plank Siding but a lower maintenance exterior.


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