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Benjamin Obdyke Hydrogap Rain Screen Weather Barrier Exterior System Siding

Installing Siding During Winter Weather

Can a contractor in Vancouver WA install siding during the winter weather? Yes absolutely we can. It’s always best to address dry rot repair and remediation to stop it from spreading. If your walls, windows, roof, door or areas on your siding allow water intrusion, it could cost you thousands of dollars in damages if not taken care of immediately. Not only does wood siding swell and rot but the subwall (sheathing) can be rotting under the siding causing major issues as well. When we tear off your siding and weather barrier, we look for any subwall dry rot.

It’s also state code to install a weather barrier before any siding is installed. Oregon code requires a rain screen for proper water drainage and maximum protection. It is not code in Washington but Elite Home Exteriors NW wants to protect your investment by using the best exterior system possible. Benjamin Obdyke “HydroGap” and Henry Company “Weathersmart” are part of the water proofing we use for your exterior envelope. Because we seal your subwall we are able to install siding during the winter. Paint is another story for another exterior construction blog.

If you are looking for a fair price on new siding this winter contact us today for a free quote!


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Installing Siding During Winter Weather

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