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Can I install siding during winter in Portland OR?

Yes, absolutely you can reside your home during winter! If you have rot on your subwall or structural support, it’s always best to remediate as soon as possible. The Rot, Mold, Termite and Water Damage can get worse over winter. This can save you thousands of dollars in additional damage costs. Do I have rot under my siding? Products like Vinyl Siding or James HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding can easily cover damaged subwall or problems because Vinyl and Hardie cannot rot. This great but also raises the question if you have issues on your home. There are specific areas on your home we look at see if you have the possibility needing siding subwall rot repair. When we tear of the siding and weather barrier we inspect the subwall for any damage before we install a new rain screen weather barrier and flashing system. By sealing the exterior envelope system on your home, we now can install your siding of choice.  Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in all types of siding exteriors and will protect your investment once and for all.


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Can I install siding during winter in Portland OR?

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