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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? What to Consider Before Picking Up Your Brush

With fall right around the corner, many folks are scrambling to finish those summer projects before it gets too cold and wet. 

If revitalizing your vinyl siding was on your to-do list this summer, you are probably wondering… can you paint a vinyl siding house?

It can be hard to find the answers you need but Elite Home Exteriors is here to offer you all you need to know about painting vinyl siding. 

Read on to discover what type of paint you should use, how you should apply it, and when to just spring for new siding. 


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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding on a House?

There are many ways to spruce up your home’s appearance. 

From adding on siding, redoing landscaping, and painting existing siding, there seems to be a lot of options but everyone has a different opinion on what can — and should — be done.

So, can you paint over vinyl siding? 


But, while it is possible, it is not always your best option. 

Painting vinyl siding can result in some unexpected consequences if done incorrectly. 

This guide will help you determine if a fresh coat of paint is your solution or if you should consider an alternative. 

Painting Vinyl Siding vs Replacing Siding

When you walk up to your own front door and notice that your siding is beginning to look a little rough and in need of help, you have two options: re-side your home, or paint the siding. 

Painting often seems to be the cheaper — and easier — option. 

But is it actually? 

If your siding is in great condition, a coat or two of paint can rejuvenate your home. 

But if your siding is already worn out, no amount of paint will restore its quality and functionality. In fact, painting over shoddy siding can create many long-term issues

When thinking through painting versus residing, there are several points to consider.

If you choose to paint over the vinyl siding, you need to keep in mind that:

  • Your home’s external surface area is large and will take quite a bit of paint — and time
  • You need a specially formatted type of paint if you want to use it on vinyl siding
  • Painting won’t eliminate the need to replace vinyl siding

If you elect to replace your siding, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Replacing siding can be expensive
  • Replacement is not always the only — or best — option
  • Replacing vinyl siding in poor condition is the best thing you can do for the exterior integrity of your home

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Vinyl Siding?

There are a couple of types of paint that can be used on vinyl siding but the best option is either 100% acrylic paint or one with a mix of acrylic and urethane resin. Many big-name paint brands have created full vinyl-safe paint lines with great color options.


10 Things to Consider Before Painting Over Vinyl Siding

Painting over vinyl siding is possible and can be a great option. 

But, before you take out your brush and pop the top on your paint can, there are some things you should know that might affect your decision to paint. 

#1: Your Warranty

Did you know that your siding comes with a warranty? 

It does. 

And painting it could void the whole thing. 

Some warranties have painting listed among the actions that can affect warranty coverage. 

Before you get your swatches, look into your warranty and make sure you are within those regulations.

#2: Age and Condition of Your Siding

Before painting your vinyl siding, it is incredibly important to make sure that it is in good condition. 

Since vinyl siding often needs replacing around 20 years after installation, it is important to make sure you aren’t going to have to redo everything in a couple of years. 

If you paint over siding in poor condition, it can create even bigger problems

If your siding…

  • is more than 20 years old,
  • has obvious holes, breaks, buckles, and warps,
  • lets moisture through,

      … then repainting is not going to solve any problems.

      Your home’s exterior siding is the first line of defense from the elements; it needs to be strong and able to do its job. 

      Painting over dilapidated siding is one sure way to waste money, time, and effort. 

      Before painting vinyl siding, it is always a good idea to have a professional come out and assess your siding to see if painting is a good option. 

      Elite Home Exteriors offers free siding estimates and we can let you know how much life your siding has left.

      Can You Paint Over Vinyl Siding

      #3: Siding Color

      You have decided to paint your vinyl siding. 

      How exciting! 

      Now you need to select a color. 

      But before you take your home from beige to mocha, there are some things you should know about how the color you choose affects your home and siding. 

      You might be wondering, can you paint vinyl siding a darker color? 


      And also no. 

      Unless you are using specially formatted paint, you should stick with the same color or even a little lighter. 

      Going too dark can:

      There are companies that have created formulas in darker colors that help prevent some of these issues but, typically, maintaining color — or going lighter — is your best option.

      Paint Vinyl Siding

      #4: How to Prepare to Paint

      Before you begin painting vinyl siding, you need to ensure that the surface is clean and dry. 

      If you don’t start with a clean surface, you risk:

      • Blotchy surfaces
      • Obvious dirt
      • Peeling paint
      • Paint that won’t dry
      • Wrinkled, puckered paint

      Cleaning your siding before painting is vital

      Powerwashing is the most popular form of cleaning siding since it is quick and effective. 

      If you choose to power wash, keep in mind that the high pressure can break vinyl siding if done incorrectly. 

      Some people prefer to wash the siding by hand, sponging it down until all of the dirt and grime has vanished. 

      Whatever your method, you should make sure that the surface is completely dry before you begin to paint. 

      #5: Any Existing Damage

      Painting only goes so far. 

      Painting vinyl siding will not take care of holes, cracks, or other damage. 

      Before you start, you should take care of any damage to your siding. 

      Not only will damaged siding make your home look less than stellar, but it can also cause serious long-term damage such as:

      • Mold
      • Insect problems
      • Nesting 

      Save yourself the hassle of finishing the painting and then realizing that you need to tear your siding down for repairs.  

      #6: Method of Painting

      Chances are you are wondering how you should go about the actual painting of the siding. 

      Can you spray paint vinyl siding? Should you invest in some high-quality rollers? Are you doomed to brush-painting your whole home? 

      There are many great ways to paint vinyl siding. 

      A paint sprayer works well to get paint in all of the hard-to-reach spots between panels of siding and can cover large areas quickly. 

      For areas that need more precision, like around windows or near the gutters, cutting with a brush and then rolling can help achieve a cleaner, crisper look.

      #7: Primer

      Before you begin, you should analyze your vinyl siding to decide if you need to use a primer. 

      Primer is not always necessary but, if the color of your siding has faded or if the coating has worn off, you should invest in primer. 

      Paint will stick to whatever is directly below it. 

      If your siding no longer has its original coating, it will be more porous and less paintable.

      #8: Type of Paint

      The type of paint you use matters.

      Run-of-the-mill exterior paint won’t cut it when it comes to painting vinyl siding

      A great way to know if a certain paint will work for your project is to perform an adhesion test. 

      Can You Paint Vinyl Siding (1)

      #9: The Weather

      Mother Nature’s mood can have a pretty sizeable impact on the success of your paint job. 

      Obviously, rain and snow are not conditions for painting outside. 

      Heat and direct sunlight can also be bad. 

      The best exterior painting weather is moderately overcast and cool. 

      Depending on your climate, you may have to wait a few days, weeks, or even months before conditions are suitable but the wait will be worth it. 

      #10: Annual Maintenance

      ​​Go ahead and add power washing your home to your list of annual to-do’s. 

      It is important to take care of your freshly painted siding if you want it to last. 

      An annual power washing can be just what your beautiful new exterior needs.

      Power washing your home keeps dirt and grime at bay and can help you catch problem areas before they become huge. 

      If dirt builds up, it can cause warping and other undesirable outcomes. 

      Keeping your new paint job clean can make it last for years.

      Are You Ready to Improve the Appearance of Your Siding? Elite Home Exteriors NW Can Provide a Free Consultation and Estimate

      Your siding is your home’s version of a first impression. 

      Having clean and neat siding is the key to curb appeal and Elite Home Exteriors knows how to ensure that your home is the prettiest on the block. 

      We provide free consultations and estimates so that you can know exactly what will work and how much it will cost. 

      If you are ready to create an even more beautiful house to call home, we are here to help.

      Can You Paint Over Vinyl Siding

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      Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? What to Consider Before Picking Up Your Brush

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