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james Hardie Color Plus colors in Vancouver WA

Will James HardiePlank Color Plus Pre Painted Fiber Cement Siding in Vancouver Wa last?

Pre Painted Fiber Cement Siding

James-Hardie-Pre-Painted-Color-PlusWill James HardiePlank Color Plus Pre Painted Fiber Cement Siding in Vancouver Wa last? Yes! James Hardie Fiber Cement is one of the leading siding product in the NW. Hardie is available in Primed or Color Plus pre painted. As we are going into winter, Pre Painted siding is a great option due to the weather conditions. One of the down sides to the Pre Painted Siding is there are only a certain amount of colors to pick from. Sherwin Williams allows you to pick whatever color you want as well as color match.

Color plus siding is baked on in a controlled environment and evenly sprayed. Once its installed on your home, it’s the finished product.

  1. Time Savings: Pre-painted siding eliminates the need for on-site painting, saving you time during installation and reducing labor costs.
  2. Consistent Finish: ColorPlus® technology ensures a uniform, factory-applied finish that maintains its color and vibrancy over time, with minimal fading or discoloration.
  3. Enhanced Durability: The baked-on finish provides an extra layer of protection against weathering, UV exposure, and environmental pollutants, extending the lifespan of the siding.
  4. Reduced Maintenance: With ColorPlus® technology, you won’t have to worry about repainting or touching up the siding for many years, saving you money and effort on maintenance.
  5. Color Variety: James Hardie offers a wide range of pre-painted colors and finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences and architectural style, allowing you to achieve the look you desire for your home.
  6. Warranty Coverage: ColorPlus® technology is backed by James Hardie’s comprehensive warranty, providing additional peace of mind and assurance of quality and performance.
  7. Eco-Friendly: The factory-controlled painting process minimizes waste and VOC emissions, making pre-painted ColorPlus® siding an environmentally responsible choice for your home.

James Hardie Pre Painted Siding Colors:

  • Arctic White
  • Navajo Beige
  • Cobble Stone
  • Soft Green
  • Light Mist
  • Sail Cloth
  • Sandstone Beige
  • Monterey Taupe
  • Heathered Moss
  • Boothbay Blue
  • Woodland Cream
  • Autumn Tan
  • Woodstock Brown
  • Mountain Sage
  • Evening Blue
  • Harris Cream
  • Khaki Brown
  • Timber Bark
  • Parkside Pine
  • Iron Grey
  • Tuscan Gold
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Country Lane Red

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Will James HardiePlank Color Plus Pre Painted Fiber Cement Siding in Vancouver Wa last?

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