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What is the best brand of siding replacement in Battle Ground WA?

What is the best brand of siding replacement in Battle Ground WA?

Many homes that need siding replacement in Battle Ground WA have T1-11 Panel, LP Lap siding, Cedar Siding or Vinyl Siding. Rot is one of the biggest problems here in the NW with wood siding due to the weather. Vinyl Siding cannot rot but it can become very brittle and crack allowing water to drip in behind the Vinyl siding and rot the subwall Sheathing.

A great option for your siding replacement is James HardiePlank Fiber Cement. Color Plus PrePainted Fiber Cement James Hardie Siding is also a great option. This is a product that is impervious to rot, Comes with a 30 Year Non Pro Rated Warranty, Engineered and designed specifically for our climate, Multiple options of Exposure, Styles and Colors. If you are looking for a Siding Contractor or Siding Installation in Battle Ground WA or the surround areas like Clark County, Portland OR, Metro area and surrounding areas, contact us today for a free inspection and more information on what best fits you and your exterior remodel budget.

Here is a list of benefits you get with James Hardie Plank Siding.

  1. Durability: James Hardie siding is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, hail, and extreme temperatures.
  2. Low Maintenance: It resists rotting, cracking, and warping, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.
  3. Pest Resistance: Unlike wood siding, James Hardie siding is not susceptible to damage from pests such as termites and woodpeckers.
  4. Fire Resistance: Made from non-combustible materials, it provides added protection against fire, enhancing the safety of your home.
  5. Color Retention: James Hardie siding is available in a wide range of colors that are fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and curb appeal.
  6. Design Versatility: With various styles and textures available, you can achieve the look you desire, whether it’s traditional, modern, or contemporary.
  7. Warranty Coverage: James Hardie offers robust warranties on its products, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality and performance.
  8. Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable materials and manufactured using environmentally responsible practices, James Hardie siding is a green choice for your home.


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What is the best brand of siding replacement in Battle Ground WA?

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