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Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Paint

Duration Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams has many lines of paint. Duration is a high-end paint that offers many benefits. Depending on your exterior siding and it’s current condition, Duration might be the best option for you. We recommend a full exterior inspection before any paint has been applied.


  • Permalast Technology for Durability
  • Thicker Coat
  • Protection from Cracking, Peeling or Blistering
  • Meets the most Stringent VOC regulations
  • Self Priming
  • Low temp application down to 35*
  • VinylSafe
  • Dark colors resistant to Warping or buckling when applied to Vinyl Siding
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Warranty – Elite Home Exteriors NW includes a free Lifetime Labor Warranty with a Full Home or Full wall reside. We believe in quality craftsmanship by installing all products to Manufacturer Guidelines and state building code. We are Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Exterior Acrylic Latex Exterior Siding

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Duration Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

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