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Can Siding Be Painted? Answers To Homeowners’ Siding Questions

Siding 101: How To Care For Your Home’s Exterior

Siding 101: How To Care For Your Home’s Exterior With so many Americans at home for at least the next month, many homeowners are looking around the house to find ways to keep themselves busy. Without being away from home for eight or more hours a day, many homeowners are noticing areas for improvement. We’ve put together a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning your home’s siding and the answers in hopes it will help guide your decision-making concerning your home’s exterior!

Commonly Asked Siding Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to siding and the answers to them in one convenient location. For all other siding-related questions, call an expert at Elite Home Exteriors NW today!

Can Siding Be Painted?

Yes, vinyl siding can be painted. However, a coat of paint won’t fix significant issues with your siding. You should replace your siding if you notice:

    • Aged Siding. If your siding is more than twenty years old, a fresh coat of paint may make it look better, but it won’t do much to protect your house. Siding’s primary function is to protect the exterior of your home.
    • Buckles or Gaps. If you notice that your home’s siding has any buckles or gaps in it, it’s time to replace it. If moisture can get through your siding, paint won’t do much to help it.
    • Painting Voids the Siding’s Warranty. Make sure to check your siding’s warranty. In some cases, painting the siding will void the manufacturer’s warranty. If that’s the case, it’s better to replace the siding than paint it to keep your home protected.

Can Siding Be Installed Over Brick?

Yes, siding can be installed over brick, but we do not recommend doing so. When you install vinyl siding over brick, you are unable to attach the siding directly to the house. This process creates issues due to moisture seeping in between the siding and the brick, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

Will Siding Increase My Home’s Value?

Yes, siding can increase your home’s value. On average, siding replacement increases a home’s value by 80% of the project cost. For example, if a vinyl replacement costs $12,000, it should add $9,600 to your home’s value.

Why Does Siding Turn Green?

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Siding turns green due to algae and mold.

Vinyl siding turns green due to mold or algae. Water dripping from the gutters or downspouts may cause mold to grow on the siding. In this case, it’s best to hire a professional siding contractor to remove the mold, as it may cause health problems. However, if algae are on your siding, it will appear green or brown and stay damp. Removing the algae is a harmless process, and just requires a bit of elbow grease!

When Does Siding Get Installed on New Construction Projects?

Siding, along with other exterior finishes, is one of the last steps to new construction projects. Before the siding can be installed, multiple other steps need completion, including:

  • Site preparation.
  • Preconstruction.
  • Pour Foundation.
  • Rough Framing.
  • Rough Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC.
  • Insulation.
  • Drywall.
  • Interior Trim, Cabinets, and Paint.

After the siding is installed, the interior and exterior receive their finishing touches, and then it’s time to move in!

Why Is My Siding Warped?

Vinyl siding is made from plastic. When subjected to too much heat, low-quality vinyl siding may warp and buckle as it absorbs the heat from the sunlight and expands. Not only does warped siding look terrible, but warped siding compromises the structural integrity of your home by allowing moisture and pests through. It’s best to call a professional siding contractor to assess the siding and whether it can be repaired or if it needs replacement.

Why Is Siding Important?

Your home’s siding works to protect the exterior of your home. The siding is the first line of defense against the elements and pests and keeps your home comfortable. Poorly maintained siding can increase utility bills, repair costs, and more. It’s critical to keep up with recommended maintenance to ensure your siding lasts as long as possible. James Hardie Plank Siding is the most popular and durable siding on the market. Elite Home Exteriors NW highly recommend considering James Hardie for your home exterior.

Which Siding Material Is Best?

Vinyl is the most popular siding material in the United States. Vinyl siding’s popularity is due to its:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Vinyl siding is one of the cheapest options for homeowners, with an average midsize vinyl project costing around $12,000. However, the costs of vinyl siding vary based on the manufacturer, color, and type.
  • Variety in Color. Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of colors and textures to ensure homeowners get the aesthetic look that they want without shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • Low Maintenance. Vinyl siding is easy to take care of, especially when compared to other siding materials such as wood.

Other siding materials cost more than vinyl siding and typically require more maintenance. However, talking to a professional siding contractor may help homeowners choose the right siding for their home.

How Can Elite Home Exteriors NW Help?

Elite Home Exteriors NW is a family-owned business, and we treat our customers the same. We believe in having a relationship with our clients centered around honesty and transparency. We believe that we are not selling a product, but a service that starts with the customer. Our customers are confident with us and the service we are offering. Our motto is: “Committed to Quality, Rain or Shine.” This means we will go above and beyond for the satisfaction of our customers, and the quality of our work. For high-quality exterior services, call us today!

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Can Siding Be Painted? Answers To Homeowners’ Siding Questions

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