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Can You Paint Hardie Board

Ready to Freshen Up Your Hardie Board Siding? A Complete Guide to Painting Hardie Board

Ready to Freshen Up Your Hardie Board Siding? A Complete Guide to Painting Hardie Board

Your Hardie board siding has stood up well for years but is starting to look a little worn.

Can you paint over Hardie board, and is it a good idea to do so?

We are here to provide you with the answers to your questions.

In this guide, we will discuss:

  • When you should and should not consider repairing your Hardie board siding
  • What the painting process looks like
  • Pros and cons to consider
  • And more

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Can You Paint Over Hardie Board?

Yes, not only can Hardie board be painted, but it is required for pre-primed Hardie board siding.

All pre-primed Hardie board siding that is not a ColorPlus siding needs to be painted shortly after siding installation.

If pre-primed Hardie board is left unpainted, the moisture content of the substrate can fall below normal levels and lead to cracked or warped siding.

ColorPlus Hardie board can also be repainted if desired, but is not required for installation.


Painting Over Hardie Board Siding vs. Replacing Hardie Board Siding

Hardie board siding is extremely durable and boasts features like:

  • Rot-resistant
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Termite-resistant

However, your Hardie board siding may start to show a little wear and tear after 12 to 14 years. Repainting your siding and replacing cracked caulking is a cost-effective way to give old siding a fresh, new look.

In some cases where damage to your Hardie board siding is moderate to severe, a simple paint job may not be the answer. At this point, you may need to replace your Hardie board siding.

The good news is that if you purchased your Hardie board siding through a James Hardie preferred contractor, you have a 30-year non-prorated warranty on your Hardie board siding. If you need to replace your siding within the 30-year period, you can do so at little cost to you.

At Elite Home Exteriors NW, we offer free estimates to assess the condition of your siding and give our professional opinion on whether painting over your Hardie board siding is the best option for you.

How to Tell When it May Be Time to Apply a New Coat of Paint to Your Hardie Board Siding

When it comes the condition of the paint on your Hardie board siding, there are a few red flags you should look out for

If you start noticing that the paint or finish on your Hardie board siding is … 

  • Chipping 
  • Flaking; or
  • Fading

… it is time to consider repainting your siding.


How Much Will it Cost to Paint Your HardiePlankⓇ Siding?

The total cost to paint your Hardie board siding will depend on several factors, including:

  • The brand and quality of paint used
  • Whether you hire a professional painter or paint it yourself
  • The size of your exterior
  • And more

For example, an exterior paint job for a 1,500 sq ft. house can cost $3000+ on average.

A siding contractor should be able to provide an estimate for repainting your siding so you have an idea of how much the project will cost before committing.

Should I Hire a Professional?

You may be tempted to save money by painting your Hardie siding yourself instead of hiring a professional. This is a bad idea. 

While a professional siding company will offer an estimate in advance, DIY costs can add up as more supplies and time is needed to fix mistakes.

When it comes to painting Hardie board siding, it is best to leave it up to the professionals. A bad DIY job can be even more expensive to fix. 

Plus, a professional contractor should have insurance to fix any mistakes in the rare chance that your paint job is less than satisfactory.

What Paint Should I Use for My Hardie Board?

Hardie boards should be painted with 100% acrylic exterior paint.

At Elite Home Exteriors NW, we recommend using Sherwin Williams or Miller Paint brands for the best result.


How to Paint Hardie Board: A 4-Step Guide

When it comes to painting Hardie board siding, the entire process can be completed in four steps.

However, this does not mean that painting Hardie board siding is an easy project. Experience and expertise can play a huge role in the final result of your exterior paint job.

Let’s take a look at each step required for a successful exterior paint job.

#1: Prepare the Siding for Paint

The first step to painting Hardie board siding is to prep the surface. A garden hose or pressure washer is used to remove any dirt, mold, or mildew from the surface. Painting over dirty siding can lead to an inconsistent, streaky paint job.

Any flaking or peeling pre-existing exterior paint should be removed, and any rough spots in your siding should be sanded down.

All Hardie boards are pre-primed, so primer should not be used. With pre-primed Hardie board siding, you have 180 days to apply exterior paint to maintain the integrity of the siding material.

#2: Seal Seams and Joints

Joints and seams should be caulked to prevent moisture from entering the walls, per manufacturer recommendation.

The following areas should also be sealed with caulk to prevent leaks:

  • Around windows
  • Around doors
  • Eaves; and 
  • Other edges

When painting old Hardie siding, joints and seams should be examined to determine if they need to be re-caulked.

#3: Choose Your Paint

For the best quality and appearance, high-quality, 100% acrylic exterior paint should be used.

There is a wide range of colors for exterior paint that you can choose from. If you are looking to sell your home, consider opting for a trending exterior color. Your siding contractor may also be able to provide consultation on which siding colors are trending and have the best resale value.

Painting Hardie Board

#4: Apply Two Even Coats of Paint

For the best results, two coats of paint should be applied to your siding. The thickness of each coat will determine how quickly and evenly the color will fade over time.

While it may cost more to apply two coats of paint, it will extend the life of your exterior paint job, saving you more time and money later down the road

How Long Will New Paint Last on Your Hardie Board Siding?

When done correctly and applied evenly, a paint job on Hardie board siding should last at least 10 years.

For the best results, invest in a professional exterior paint job.

How to Extend the Life of Your Newly Repainted Hardie Board Siding

The following tips can help extend the life of your exterior paint job and protect your investment:

  • Inspect the caulk each year to ensure that there is no cracking and no replacements that need to be made.
  • Routinely clean your Hardie board siding and remove any mold or mildew build-up on your siding.
  • Wash away stains from nesting birds and pollen.
  • Examine your siding for any blisters or peels so you can touch them up before they spread.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Repainting Hardie Board Siding?

When it comes to repainting Hardie board siding, you should consider the pros and cons before making any final decisions. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.


When done correctly, repainting Hardie board siding can come with a lot of pros, including:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Giving your exterior a new look

Long-Lasting Results

Once you give your Hardie board siding two fresh coats of evenly applied paint, you can expect a long-lasting result. On average, repainted Hardie board siding does not need to be touched up for another ten years.


Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can give a whole new look to old, faded siding.

The cost of having your Hardie board siding professionally painted is significantly less than siding repairs or replacements.

Giving Your Exterior a New Look

Some people want to repaint their Hardie board siding simply for aesthetic reasons. 

Whether you are looking for a trendy, new color or never liked the original color of your siding, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to add curb appeal to your home.


When it comes to repainting Hardie board siding, there is really only one con that you need to consider carefully, and that is the status of your Hardie warranty.

Repainting Can Affect Your Hardie Warranty

ColorPlus Hardie siding comes with a non-prorated 15-year warranty. However, painting over your ColorPlus siding will void your warranty. 

Note: Your 30-year non-prorated warranty for your Hardie board siding will still remain in effect if you’ve selected a paint that meets James Hardie recommendations.

If you have ColorPlus siding that has started fading or chipping before your warranty expires, it is a better idea to take advantage of your warranty and have your siding replaced. 

If your ColorPlus warranty has expired or you have regular Hardie board siding, you may be able to choose a paint manufacturer that provides a warranty on the paint performance of your exterior paint.

Can You Paint Hardie Board

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Ready to Freshen Up Your Hardie Board Siding? A Complete Guide to Painting Hardie Board

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