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Dry Rot Siding Multi Family Subwall with mold

Dry Rot Siding in Battle Ground WA

One of the problems with new construction is they cut corners on installation, use builder grade products that fail a couple years later and don’t take precautions to protect building structures. This happens on Residential Siding as well as Commercial and Multi Family Construction.

The picture below is a Multi Family Siding Subwall that is soaking wet! It’s been like that for weeks. As I drive by taking this picture, I know the owner is going to have issues down the road. OSB is the cheapest and a soft plywood that soaks water up like a sponge. As a Siding Contractor in Battle Ground Wa, we pay close attention to detail and cover all exposed walls with Tyvek, HydroGap, or WeatherSmart Weather Barrier.. Siding Contractors should install a weather barrier as soon as possible to protect from the rain. James Hardie Plank is an outstanding product but wont show signs of the rotting subwall. We at Elite Home Exteriors NW are proud to install all products per guidlines and building code to protect one of your biggest investments. How many Multi- Family Siding Condos, Apartments, Town Homes, Duplex’s, High Rise Building, Senior Living facilities, Hotels, Motels and Mixed use building have construction contractor defects? Elite Home Exteriors NW Specializes in Multi Family Siding as well as Exterior Systems Water Proofing. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine! Contact us today for the quality you deserve.


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Dry Rot Siding in Battle Ground WA

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