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Simonton Windows in Lake Oswego OR is an excellent option when replacing windows. As a Window Contractor we work with all brands and styles of windows. Simonton Daylight Max is by far our favorite! It’s affordable, customizable energy rating, small frame with more glass and durability make this window the #1 best product for your investment. The warranty is a doubly lifetime breakage warranty transferable to the next homeowner. Proper window install is crucial to avoid water damage and water intrusion not only into your home but behind your siding causing thousands of dollars of damage. We install all products per industry standard and state code.

Replacing your windows and siding at the same time offers several advantages, making it a strategic move for homeowners. Here’s why it’s a good idea to tackle both projects simultaneously:

Efficiency and Convenience:

  • One Project, One Disruption: You’ll only experience the disruption of a renovation project once. There’s no need to go through the hassle of having your home exterior taken apart twice.
  • Streamlined Installation: Many tasks involved in window and siding replacement overlap. Crews can tackle them concurrently, saving time and potentially reducing overall project costs.
  • Simplified Scheduling: Coordinating one project with a single contractor is easier than scheduling separate window and siding installations.

Improved Quality and Aesthetics:

  • Precise Window Sealing: Replacing windows before siding allows for a proper installation of flashing and weatherproofing materials around the window openings. This ensures optimal sealing and prevents water infiltration issues behind the siding. Trying to install flashing around existing siding can be tricky and might lead to a less secure seal.
  • Flawless Finish: New siding can be seamlessly integrated around new windows, creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing look for your home’s exterior.

Cost Savings:

  • Potential Cost Reduction: Contractors may offer discounts for bundled window and siding replacement projects. You might also save on some materials by minimizing waste.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Sharing some of the labor costs (e.g., scaffolding, dumpster rental) between the window and siding projects can lead to overall cost savings.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: New windows and properly sealed siding work together to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, potentially lowering your heating and cooling bills.
  • Increased Curb Appeal: A fresh window and siding combination can dramatically enhance your home’s exterior aesthetics and boost its value.

While replacing windows and siding simultaneously isn’t mandatory, it offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, quality, and potentially cost savings. It creates a streamlined renovation process and ensures a beautiful, weatherproof result for your home.

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Simonton Window Replacement Lake Oswego OR

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