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Dry Rot!

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
Dry Rot Repair

Does my home have DRY ROT? Many homeowners fear the risk of Dry Rot on their home. believe it or not we come across it on almost every project.

Dangers of Dry Rot

LP Wood Siding ROT!

  • Mold (Black & White)
  • Fungus
  • Health concern to adults and Children
  • Expensive to repair and replace (If you wait too long)
  • Can cause more exterior and interior problems on your home
  • Sheathing Rot
  • Stud Rot
  • Structural Safety Hazard

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Warranty –

Elite Home Exteriors NW includes a FREE lifetime Labor Warranty to any full home or full wall resided. The reason we provide such an outstanding warranty is because we install all products per manufacturer guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!



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