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Let me guess… BBQ got a little too close to your vinyl siding? A baseball hit your vinyl siding and it cracked the panel? You painted your vinyl siding and it now looks like it melted?

Vinyl siding is an excellent choice for your home but you have to be aware it’s not as durable as James HardiePlank Fiber Cement. Vinyl can Melt, Crack and Warp if you are not careful. Repairing Vinyl Siding Repair is almost impossible. Vinyl fades over time and replacing a few panels and trying to match color is highly unlikely. There is also the lap exposure and grain pattern that would need to matched to the original siding. This is extremely hard to do due to multiple vinyl siding manufacturers going out of business.

Don’t give up yet. Contact us for a free inspection and to see if we are able to help with your Vinyl siding Repair.

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Warranty –
Elite Home Exteriors NW includes a FREE Lifetime Labor Warranty to any full home or full wall resided. The reason we provide such an outstanding warranty is because we install all products per manufacturer guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!

Vinyl Siding Replacement

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Vinyl Siding Repair

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