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Can Vinyl Siding be repaired?

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
Vinyl Siding Installation

Yes and No! You can not fix a hole in vinyl siding. You have to replace the panel and it’s really hard to find the exact color Vinyl Siding Portland Oregon Contractorand wood grain that matches. We are able to get it close and pull siding from low visible areas to patch in where high visible areas that nee repair. Sometimes we get really lucky with an exact match. The older the vinyl >siding and home the less likely that vinyl manufacture is still in business. Vinyl was very big back in the 90s but now James Hardie Plank is to leading siding manufacture. A couple shades difference of a Vinyl repair is thousands of dollars less than a full home reside. Before you make any decision contact Elite Home Exteriors NW for an unbiased opinion.


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Warranty –

Elite Home Exteriors NW includes a FREE lifetime Labor Warranty to any full home or full wall resided. The reason we provide such an outstanding warranty is because we install all products per manufacturer guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!



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