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James Hardie is currently on the 7th generation Fiber Cement Board. They have invested in research and development to engineer the world’s most durable siding. There are 2 climate zones of Hardie. HZ5 and HZ10. HZ10 is designed for high humidity, hot dry and hi levels of rainfall. HZ5 is designed for Freezing temperatures and snow and Ice. Installation the wrong product could cause major problems for your home. Some Contractors will install Cemplank which is a cheaper grade of Fiber Cement that is usually installed on new construction or multi family.

Don’t let an exterior contractor sell you a knock off or low grade Fiber Cement. James Hardie is the leading brand in fiber cement siding.


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Warranty – Elite Home Exteriors NW includes a free Lifetime Labor Warranty with a full home or full wall reside. We believe in quality craftsmanship by installing all products to Manufacturer Guidelines and state building code. We are Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!

James Hardie Plank Siding and Shake

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James Hardie 7th Generation Siding

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