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HydroGap Weather Barrier Exterior Envelope

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW

Weather Barrier Exterior Envelope –

HydroGap is a Weather Barrier with a built-in rain screen. Oregon State code requires a rain screen system to allow any water or moisture that possibly gets behind the siding to drain out and away from the structure. A rain screen system is not required in Washington state yet but we know that Hydrogap is the best house Wrap Weather Barrier for water intrusion and letting your home breathe.

Benefits of HydroGap –

  •  1 mm compression resistant spacers assures a continuous and efficient drainage gap.
  •  Superior Strength and Water Holdout – tri-laminate substrate with water holdout layer sandwiched by two non-woven layers to protect it from damage during installation.
  • Vapor Permeable – 16 perms allows moisture to escape quickly before it damages the sidewall materials.
  • Seam Tape Not Required – saves time and labor costs by reducing need for taping.
  • Removes over 100X more bulk water from a wall versus standard house wraps.
  • Drains at least 2X faster than other drainable house wraps.
  • Recommended for all categories of cladding.
  • Omni -Directional Design – can be installed in any direction without affecting drain ability.
  • UV exposure rating: 120 Days
  • Fire Rating is Class A

Hydrogap Rain Screen Weather Barrier vs Standard Housewrap


We at Elite Home Exteriors NW prefer installing the Hydrogap exterior system whether we are installing James Hardie Plank Siding, Cedar Siding, Vinyl Siding, or any other siding.

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OR 971-978-8775


Elite Home Exteriors NW Warranty –

Elite Home Exteriors NW also includes a LIFETIME Labor warranty to any Full Home or Full wall reside because we install all products to Manufacturer Guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!

Hydrogap Weather Barrier Rain Screen Siding Replacement



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