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Exterior picture of grey Hardy board plank siding in Vancouver WAJames Hardie is currently on the 3rd generation Fiber Cement Board. They have invested in research and development to engineer the world’s most durable siding. There are 2 climate zones of Hardie. HZ5 and HZ10. HZ10 is designed for high humidity, hot dry and hi levels of rainfall. HZ5 is designed for Freezing temperatures and snow and Ice. Installation the wrong product could cause major problems for your home. Some Contractors will install Cemplank which is a cheaper grade of Fiber Cement that is usually installed on new construction or multi family.

Don’t let an exterior contractor sell you a knock off or low grade Fiber Cement. James Hardie is the leading brand in fiber cement siding.

James Hardie offers several generations of siding products, each representing advancements in technology, durability, and design. As of my last update in January 2022, there have been three primary generations of James Hardie siding products:

  1. First Generation: The first generation of James Hardie siding products featured fiber cement siding panels that were introduced in the 1980s. These early products laid the foundation for the company’s reputation for durable and weather-resistant siding solutions.
  2. Second Generation: The second generation saw significant advancements in the formulation and manufacturing processes of James Hardie siding. This generation introduced innovations such as the HardieZone® system, which tailors siding products to specific climate zones for enhanced performance.
  3. Third Generation: The third generation represents the latest advancements in James Hardie siding technology. This includes the introduction of ColorPlus® Technology, a factory-applied, baked-on finish that provides enhanced durability and color retention. Third-generation products also incorporate improvements in texture, design options, and installation techniques.

It’s worth noting that within each generation, James Hardie may release various product lines and updates to meet evolving market demands and technological advancements. Therefore, while there are distinct generations of James Hardie siding, there may be multiple product lines and iterations within each generation. For the most up-to-date information on James Hardie siding products and generations, it’s best to consult the company’s official website or contact a James Hardie representative.



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James Hardie Plank Siding and Shake

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James Hardie 3rd Generation Siding

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