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James Hardie 7th Generation Siding

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW

James Hardie is currently on the 7th generation Fiber Cement Board. They have invested in research and development to engineer the world’s most durable siding. There are 2 climate zones of Hardie. HZ5 and HZ10. HZ10 is designed for high humidity, hot dry and hi levels of rainfall. HZ5 is designed for Freezing temperatures and […]

Vinyl Siding Installation Contractor

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW

Vinyl Siding – Vinyl Siding is an excellent choice for any siding replacement. Many Homeowners ask what the difference between Fiber Cement and Vinyl Siding. It is comparing apples to oranges but they both have pros and cons. Here are some benefits for choosing what siding is best for you. Benefits Of Vinyl – • […]


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