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Is it expensive to fix or replace your siding?

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
Is it expensive to replace my siding?

There are many factors when pricing for siding replacement. It also depends on hat your budget is. for example here are some questions you should answer before getting bids on a new siding replacement.

  1. What type of siding do you currently have?
  2. How many Layers?
  3. Does it contain LEAD base paint?
  4. Does it contain ASBESTOS?
  5. What Material do you want installed?
  6. What is the square footage of your exterior?

These all can effect the pricing of your siding replacement.

James HardiePlank is a great product that lasts a lifetime. There are pros and cons to any exterior product. Vinyl siding is also a great product that is on the cheaper end of the scale. It all depends on what your end goal is. Not all siding contractors have experience with all manufactures. Elite Home Exteriors NW can do all exterior product applications. If you want more information on what is best for your home or rental property, contact us today for a free inspection and information.

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