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How can homeowners prepare for a complete home reside?

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
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Residing your home can be daunting but a qualified contractor will walk you though every step. From start to finish you should have a clear understanding of what the scope of work is and installation details for your specific project.

Things to look into before deciding on a contractor is…

  1. What’s your budget? The majority of the time homeowners don’t release how much siding costs. Home Equity Lines Of Credit, Credit Card, Construction Loan, Small loan through your bank are great options if you do not have the funds up front.
  2. What type of siding do you want? Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Cedar, and Aluminum siding all vary in cost but bring different cur appeal.
  3. Get multiple quotes from local contractors. Quality contractors will be able to explain the manufacturers installation guidelines, waterproof protection, and state code.
  4. Beware of the Salesmen. Commission based salesmen are often pressured to selling homeowners as much as they can to get 7%-10% of the total contract amount. At Elite Home Exteriors NW, you meet directly with the owners of the company.
  5. Pay for quality…..but not too much! Don’t go for the cheapest bid and don’t go for the most expensive. It’s impossible to pay a little and get a lot.

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