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Spring, Summer and Fall Exterior Remodel Projects for 2019

2019 is the year to remodel your home!

Summer is just around the corner which means exterior contractors are busy!  Most installers will be weeks to months out from starting your exterior project. Don’t wait for the end of summer. We recommend you get your bids and finances in line now before its too late.

Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in Siding and is a James Hardie ELITE Preferred Siding Contractor.

Using a James Hardie Elite Preferred Siding Contractor offers several potential benefits for homeowners:

  1. Expertise with James Hardie Products: Elite Preferred Contractors have undergone specialized training provided by James Hardie. This training ensures that they have in-depth knowledge of James Hardie’s fiber cement siding products, their features, and the proper installation techniques.
  2. High Standards of Installation: Contractors in this program are expected to meet certain criteria related to customer satisfaction and project quality. Choosing an Elite Preferred Contractor can give you confidence that the siding installation will be done to the highest standards.
  3. Access to the Latest Information: Elite Preferred Contractors are likely to have access to the latest information about James Hardie’s products, including any updates or new developments. This can be valuable when making decisions about the type of siding to use for your home.
  4. Warranty Benefits: Some Elite Preferred Contractors may offer enhanced warranty options for the siding installation. This can provide added peace of mind, knowing that your investment is backed by both James Hardie and the contractor.
  5. Professionalism: Contractors in the Elite Preferred program are recognized for their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. Working with a reputable contractor can contribute to a smoother and more positive experience throughout the siding installation process.

James Hardie Siding Contractor Elite Preferred Battle Ground WaIt’s important to note that while the Elite Preferred designation is a good indicator of expertise, homeowners should still do their due diligence. This includes checking references, reading reviews, and obtaining multiple quotes to ensure they choose a contractor that aligns with their specific needs and preferences. Elite Home Exteriors NW will always remain honest and transparent through the entire project.

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Spring, Summer and Fall Exterior Remodel Projects for 2019

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