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Real Estate Exterior Condition of Buying And Selling

Are you buying or selling a home? Are you located in the Portland Metro, Vancouver Washington or surrounding areas?

We highly recommend having your home inspected by a professional. If you are a buying chances are you will want the Seller to fix everything as best as possible. If you are the Seller chances are you don’t want to spend any more money on fixing the problems you are currently having. A lot of issues can shop up on an inspection report. There is give and take on both sides of the fence.

A lot of realtors use siding, roofing, window, painting estimates only to negotiate for their client. Have an exterior professional give their honest opinion after an inspection. You may or may not have an issue. Soft wood, Cracked caulking, peeling paint are all issues that need to be taken care of.

Don’t buy a house that has potential problems that could cost you thousands down the road.

Things to ask before making an offer –

  • Has any windows leaked?
  • Has any Doors Leaked
  • Was the Siding, Roofing, Windows Installed properly?
  • Has any Skylights Leaked?
  • Any Roofing Leak?
  • Mold in the Attic?
  • What type of Siding is currently on the home?
  • When was it painted last? (You should paint every 7-8 years. 5-6 years if wood siding is home the home)


WA 360-605-9030

OR 971-978-8775


Elite Home Exteriors NW Warranty –

Elite Home Exteriors NW also includes a LIFETIME Labor warranty to any Full Home or Full wall reside because we install all products to Manufacturer Guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!

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Real Estate Exterior Condition of Buying And Selling

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