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The Importance Of Exterior Flashing

Z Metal Flashing Window Flashing Installation

The importance of proper flashing

Proper flashing is one of the most important processes in making sure your exterior is waterproof. There are multiple layers of flashing that must be in place to assure your home is protected. A properly flashed home starts on the roof, where water makes it’s first contact and potentially penetrates the exterior envelope. 

Properly installed step flashing ensures that water stays off the sheeting and can properly drain off the roof.  It is important that a water resistive barrier is placed over top the step flashing and not under it.  Placing the house wrap under the step flashing is called “Reverse Flashing”, this will allow water that may make contact with the house under the siding to drain behind the flashing.  This likely results in damning of water that quickly turns in to rot.  

In older homes we often find the lack or improper use of “Kick-Out flashing”.  Kick out flashing is a very important piece of flashing that directs water away from the house as it enters the gutters.  Insufficient kick out flashing allows water to run next to house and potentially penetrate behind the siding.  The area next to and under the gutter ends is a vary vulnerable spot for water intrusion and rot.  Installing the proper 4”x4” flashing helps to eliminate the risk of rot in these areas. 

Another very important location to have proper flashing is at the top and around windows.  Window flashing is a multi layer system that is designed to keep water off windows and away from your house substrate. Having the proper Z Metal head flashing is the first line of defense, this pushes water that will normally sit atop the window, away from and ultimately off the house. Just as important but not visible from the outside, is the proper tape flashing.  This flashing makes a water tight seal over the window flange (aka Fin) and to House Wrap Weather Barrier.  Properly flashed windows helps limit the possibility of rot in an otherwise common area.

Z Metal Flashing with Hem

These are a few of the most important types of flashing.  A properly flashed and maintained exterior of your home is the first line of defense and protection. 


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The Importance Of Exterior Flashing

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