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Roof Ventilation Seal. Defend. Breathe

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW

Total Protection Roofing System-

Owens Corning is the leading manufacture in roofing and they believe in a full roof system to protect your roof investment. They call it Seal. Defend. Breathe. These are three very important installation practices to follow.


Sealing helps protect from any water intrusion. “Ice and Water” self-adhering membrane seal high water traffic areas to protect your roof sheathing.


Deck Defense is installed over the roof sheathing incase water gets under the roofing shingles. The Weather Barrier is a synthetic felt and repels water unlike old traditional tar paper.


It’s important that your attic areas breathe to reduce the heat and possible moisture build up. Standard Roof vents or O.C’s VentSure Systems will give your roof the proper ventilation.








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Warranty –

Elite Home Exteriors NW also includes a LIFETIME Labor warranty to any full home or full wall reside because we install all products to Manufacturer Guidelines and state building code. Committed to Quality Rain or Shine!


Owens Corning Roofing Colors

Owens Corning Duration Asphalt Roofing Shingle




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