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Is there Dry Rot behind my siding?

Image of House Exterior Rot and Mold in West Linn ORIs there Dry Rot behind my Siding?

That is the million dollar question! The true answer that the current siding will need to be removed before you know for sure. There are signs for probable rot that we specifically look for. As a local Siding Contractor, Elite Home Exteriors NW has come across many homes with unforeseen rot. Elite Home Exteriors NW specializes in waterproofing and Flashing to State code and per manufacturer’s guidelines. Dry rot can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousands of dollars. Prepping the subwall for new siding installation is key for proper waterproofing. Many homes currently do not have proper flashing, Vapor Barrier (House Wrap, Weather barrier, Rain Screen) due to the state code being different years ago.

Signs of potential rot –

  1. Cracked Caulking around Siding.
  2. No Flashing above the window and door openings.
  3. Siding Swelling on LP Siding and Wood siding.
  4. Over driven nail heads in Siding
  5. Over due of paint on Siding.
  6. Siding board cracks.
  7. Age of home and Siding.
  8. Waiting to reside your home.

ant and termite damage to framingContact Elite Home Exteriors NW today for a free quote on new siding installation and free inspection on possible rot on your home. Protecting your investment once and for all.


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Is there Dry Rot behind my siding?

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