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Full Siding Replacement Cost

Full Siding Replacement: Your Questions Answered

Do you have a home in need of a full siding replacement

If so, then you’re not alone. 

There are many homeowners, like you, who may not know what to do when their siding starts to deteriorate. 

But good news for you …

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the difference between repairing vs. replacing your siding. 

You will also learn tips on how to determine if a full siding replacement is right for your home.


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Partial vs. Full Siding Replacement: Which Is a Better Option?

Before deciding which siding replacement option may be better for your home, let’s take a look at what each entails.

Partial siding replacement

The Pros

  • You can update the look of your home quickly with a partial siding replacement in an affordable way.
  • You can choose from a variety of exterior colors and styles with partial siding replacement.
  • You can replace only a few siding boards to repair the areas that show wear.

The Cons

  • You may find it difficult to match the color and texture of new siding with your home’s existing design.
  • The insulation value of your home may decrease if you only replace one side of the house.
  • Partial siding replacement might mean you’re potentially putting your home at risk of having damage to other areas of the siding – which may, in turn, require additional partial siding replacement.
  • The risk and cost of possibly having multiple partial siding replacements in the long term may be higher than investing in a full siding replacement.

Full Siding replacement

The Pros

  • You can quickly improve your home’s appearance.
  • You can increase the value of your property.
  • Your house will be more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in.
  • Your full siding replacement can last for decades — you won’t have to worry about painting or re-siding again for a long time.

The Cons

  • You may pay more for a full siding replacement, as it oftentimes is a large investment.
  • Your installation of new full siding can range anywhere from three days to three weeks.
  • You may find it difficult to get a sense of what the final product will look like until it’s complete.

Before embarking on a siding replacement project, it may be wise to consider which would be the best option for you.

If you need professional help deciding if a full siding replacement is your best option, contact us at Elite Home Exteriors by clicking below today.

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How Do You Know if Your Home Needs a Full Siding Replacement? 5 Signs It’s Time

A home is a big investment. 

But, just because you have lived in your house without problems for years doesn’t mean it’s safe from wear and tear. 

It may be time to assess your home and see if you notice any of the following signs that it may be time for a full siding replacement.

#1: Cracks and Gaps Are Appearing

If you notice that your siding or trim is coming undone, it may be time for a full replacement.

Cracks and gaps appearing in siding can develop as a result of:

  • Harsh weather
  • Damage from the sun; or
  • An animal chewing on your siding

The trim of your house is there to protect your home’s siding from weather damage.

If it starts coming loose or breaking apart, then you may need a full replacement.

#2: Crumbling or Rotting Siding

If you notice that your siding is rotting or becoming crumbly, it may be time for a full replacement.

Crumbling or rotting in siding could happen as the result of:

  • Exposure to harsh weather conditions and sun exposure
  • Rotting from water leakage or moisture due to humidity levels; or
  • Pests destroying wooden parts

Rotting siding can lead to even more damage to your home, so you must address the problem as quickly as possible.

#3: You’re Feeling Drafts

When you are inside your home, and you feel a draft, it’s time to take a look at your siding.

Feeling air drafts inside your home could happen as the result of:

  • Crumbling or rotting siding
  • Insufficient insulation when the siding was initially placed; or
  • Poor-fitting windows and doors that are not properly set

When you feel drafts, this could potentially cause a significant amount of heat loss and extra energy bills for heating during the winter months.

#4: Unexplained Rises in Heating and Cooling Expenses

If unexplained increases in heating and cooling expenses have been going on for months without any change to the outside temperature, it may be time for a full siding replacement.

Your home’s siding can cause rises in heating and cooling expenses by:

  • Not being designed with energy-efficient materials
  • Being too tight or loose to allow the house’s skin to breathe; or
  • Offering little-to-no insulation from winter cold and summer heat

Full siding replacement can improve energy efficiency, and lower heating and cooling costs, while also increasing comfort in your home during all seasons of the year.

#5: Water Damage

If you’re noticing water damage, it may be time for a full siding replacement.

Water can seep through your home’s exterior and cause serious problems such as:

  • Mold growth both outside and inside your home
  • The home’s foundation rotting and sinking; or
  • An infestation of termites and other pests

If the source is not found and removed quickly enough, these issues could lead to major structural damages that would cost more to repair than a full siding replacement.

A siding replacement is an affordable way to solve these problems and restore your house to its original beauty.

Full Siding Replacement 2

How Much Does a Full Siding Replacement Cost? 3 Factors to Consider

There is a lot that goes into a full siding replacement that can make a difference in the cost.

Let’s review the following three factors and see how they might affect the cost of a full siding replacement project.

#1: Size of Your Home

A full siding replacement will be more expensive on a bigger to-scale house than on a smaller or average size house. 

The cost can increase depending on your home’s:

  • Height
  • Surface area; and
  • Finishing touches (ex: porch, bay windows, or other custom structures)

Your contractor will be able to provide an estimate based on the size and complexity of your home.

#2: Amount of Labor Required

The cost of a full siding replacement will also depend on how much labor is required.

A full siding replacement will take longer than a smaller project, and therefore more people may be needed to complete it.

Other considerations like …

  • Seasonal work and availability
  • Prep necessary to begin the project; and
  • The total cost (will vary by contractor)

… can lead to an increase in the total cost of your full-siding replacement.

#3: Material Costs

A full siding replacement will also depend on your home’s materials.

Typically, siding material options include:

  • Wood siding
  • Metal siding (steel or aluminum); and
  • Vinyl siding

Each material has its benefits and drawbacks (ex: appearance vs longevity).

However, some siding will always be more expensive than others. For example, steel siding will be more expensive when compared with vinyl and aluminum siding options.

There are also provisions for more even cost-efficient and eco-friendly options.

Full Siding Replacement 3

What Is the Best Type of Siding for Full Replacements?

There are a lot of different types of siding that homeowners can choose from for their full replacement projects.

Some popular options include aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement.

Each type has its unique features and drawbacks depending on your needs as well as the location where you live.

To help you narrow down your choices, here is a quick rundown of some key differences between these three materials: 

  • Aluminum: Durable but susceptible to dents if not cared for properly
  • Vinyl: Affordable but prone to fading in sunlight
  • Fiber Cement: Expensive but durable with low maintenance costs 

Finally, answer these questions as you decide on the best siding for your home:

  • Do you need something that will last?
  • Do you want it to withstand harsh weather conditions?
  • Or do you just want something affordable?

Whatever your answer may be, a full siding replacement is a worthwhile investment.

How Can You Prepare Your Home for a Full Siding Replacement?

You should take the time to prepare your house before any work begins. 

The following are some tips on how you can prepare your home for a full siding replacement:

  • Check for any additional damages to your home, such as a rotting roof or foundation.
  • Clear the exterior of your home, including removing any fixtures from the siding, plants, and debris.
  • Remove all furniture and belongings from the rooms that will be affected by the siding replacement.
  • Close off any areas of your house where you don’t want dust to reach (i.e., attic).
  • Cover floors with plastic sheeting, so they can stay clean during construction.
  • Put up temporary walls in place of removed ones, so you have a sense of privacy while construction is happening.
  • Pack away anything else in these rooms that may get dusty or damaged during the project.

Full Siding Replacement Cost

Should You Hire a Contractor for Siding Replacement or Do it Yourself?

If you’re a Do-It-Yourself kind of person and have prior experience replacing older siding …

Then you might be capable of doing the full siding replacement yourself.

Yes, the DIY method will most often save you money, but it can take longer to complete — much longer than a weekend. 

Doing it yourself will be difficult, no matter your previous experience. It could also be a potentially costly process for you and your household.

But if you were to hire a contractor, you’d get the full siding replacement done in a much shorter time and with more certainty that it will be completed properly.

Find out why hiring a contractor is worth every penny when you’re doing a full siding replacement with Elite Home Exteriors like James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement.

Ready for a Siding Replacement? Contact the Professionals at Elite Home Exteriors for a Free Estimate and Inspection

Elite Home Exteriors is the best in the business. 

Our team of professionals is the expert when it comes to exterior remodeling and installation of a siding replacement.

You can count on us to provide:

  • Quality workmanship
  • Excellent customer service; and
  • Competitive pricing

You deserve nothing but the best for your home.

That’s why we offer free estimates and inspections so that you know what your options are before making any decisions about your home exterior. 

Let Elite Home Exteriors NW help make your house into a home with our full siding replacement services today.

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Full Siding Replacement: Your Questions Answered

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