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Comparing siding products

Fiber Cement, Vinyl or Wood Exterior Siding?

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Whats the best: Fiber Cement, Vinyl or Wood exterior products?

What is the best siding for me?

First your need to call a siding specialist company for an exterior inspected. You might not need new siding yet or maybe you only need a couple walls replaced. Whether you have old Fiber Cement, Vinyl, Wood or Concrete, your siding might be at the end of its lifespan here in the Pacific Northwest.

Fiber Cement:

James Hardie Plank, Allura, Nitchiha, Certainteed are all Fiber Cement Manufacturers available. Elite Home Exteriors NW is able to install these in the Southwest Washington, Portland Metro and surrounding areas. We  prefer installing the biggest name in Fiber Cement siding which is James Hardie Plank. This is a superior option if you want durability and a modern appearance. It also comes with  30 Year Non-pro rated warranty, transferable to the next Home Owner.

Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl was popular back in the 90’s but is still a great decision for a siding contractor to install on your home. There are many manufacturers to pick from but with limited colors. Vinyl is popular for a rental property due to being cheaper in labor and material costs and is low maintenance exterior.

Wood Siding:

Cedar Siding, LP Siding (Louisiana Pacific), T1-11 Siding, Panel Siding, Pressboard Siding and Masonite Omniwood Siding. What do you have?


EIFs Siding, Stucco Siding, Drivit Siding, Stone Siding and Brick Siding.

There is a lot of different wood siding options. If you are in the Pacific Northwest and have wood siding, chances are you have a little to a lot of rot. The rain and moisture love to swell wood siding. Paint can sometimes hide what’s happening underneath the paint layer until you push on an area or use a moisture reader. Cedar is also more expensive then Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding. Many Homes in the Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon areas still have wood siding. Wood siding will eventually have to be replaced with something that cannot rot (Fiber Cement, Metal Vinyl).

Contact us for a FREE inspection and to get an opinion on your exterior envelope condition. Remodel your home with a superior product that lasts a lifetime!


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Fiber Cement, Vinyl or Wood Exterior Siding?

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