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James Hardie Siding Fiber Cement

Different ways to spell “Hardie”

James Hardie Siding Fiber Cement

Different ways to spell “Hardie”: A Google Search

Yes there are different ways people to spell “James Hardie” but lucky Google will auto correct during your Contractor search. Some companies purposefully misspell “James Hardie” in their website to pick up on that search term in hopes you click on their website. Some contractors use bait and switch and use a line called Cemplank which is a low builder grade fiber cement. Don’t be fooled! James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is an outstanding product.

Consumer Searches –

  • James Hardie (This is the correct way)
  • James Hardi
  • Hardie
  • Jamez Hardie
  • Hardie Board
  • Hard Board
  • Hardi Board
  • Hardie Plank
  • Hardiplank
  • Hardy
  • Hardy Board
  • Cement Hard Board
  • James Hardiee
  • James Hardiie
  • James Hardie™ (with the trademark symbol)
  • James Hardie® (with the registered trademark symbol)
  • Jamez Hardie
  • Jamez Hardi
  • James Hardy
  • James Hardi

“James Hardie” is a specific brand name, so it’s typically spelled consistently. However, there might be variations in spelling due to typos or misspellings. Here are some potential variations:

These variations might occur in informal contexts or due to unintentional errors in typing or handwriting. However, the correct and standard spelling is “James Hardie.”

Whether you spell James Hardie correct or incorrect, we install all James Hardie Products per Manufacture guidelines initiating a 30 Year Non-Pro Rated Warranty Transferable to the next home owner.


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Different ways to spell “Hardie”

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