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Best Siding Contractors Portland OR

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
James Hardie Plank Siding

Best Siding Contractors in Portland OR is a term homeowners use to find a new Local Siding Contractor. What makes a Siding Installer the best? The best siding installers pay attention to detail, communication and of course building code and the Manufacturers guidlines. There are many Local Siding Contractors in Portland OR that say they are the best. Any company on google can title themself’s as “The Best” and provide different results. Honestly, that term is used to grab peoples attention to get you to click on their website.

Well since all Siding Contractors think they are the best, What should I do to decide on who is the best fit for me? Great question!

First off is to get multiple bids. Pricing is usually the deciding factor. Everyone thinks they get a good deal when they go with the cheapest. Wrong! Usually those contractors cut corners and are not qualified for a superior install. You never want to go with the cheapest or the most expensive! By doing this you will get great quality at a fair price! You cant buy a Ferarri for $20,000….Even if it’s totaled.

Second, is to ask as many questions as you can on installation practices and products. A company who is experienced will be able to describe the installation process and give you pros and cons to the different options.

Third, Ask for customer references. Call these references and ask how the company did. Elite Home Exteriors NW has nothing to hide and will proudly provide customer experience. Many customers are paying $30,000 + thousands of dollars to reside their home. Don’t be fooled by fake companys online.

Finally, DON’T GO  WITH A COMPANY BASED OFF OF GOOGLE REVIEWS! Did you know companys can easily pay for fake google reviews? Sadly, I personally know a few companys that have fake reviews to make them look more qualified. Luckily those companies will eventually go out of business and not continue to burn homeowners with the Siding projects.

As a local Siding Contractor who works with Vinyl Siding, James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding, Cedar Siding, Metal Siding, T1-11 Siding and LP Siding, Elite Home Exteriors NW is confident you will pick Elite as your Preferred Siding Contractor. We are Transparent every step of the way. We have low company overhead to get you the fair price you deserve.

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OR 503-676-6307
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