Siding Contractors Clark County

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Siding Contractors Clark CountyTake pride in a home exterior that not only endures year after year in our northwest climate, but also maintain the color it had from day one. Our work guarantees this pride, overall satisfaction, and more. For every project we take on, Elite Home Exteriors Northwest siding contractors in Clark County maintain a high degree of workmanship. As a result, you get a weather resistant and stunning contemporary look for your home.

A home’s exterior should be able to last years and still stand out as an elegant and contemporary part of your neighborhood. The professionals at Elite Home Exteriors NW have your dream look in mind when we install your new siding.

Committed to Quality, Rain Or Shine

Start With Siding Replacement

Our full-service removal of old siding materials from your home exterior is quick and comprehensive. Our job is to strip away damaged and rotten siding to the sub wall. We expose every piece of old or damaged material. As soon as that’s discarded, your home is ready for install with all new boards, flashing, and siding.

Here’s a what we do at a glance:

  • Tear off siding
  • Inspect sub walls for rot or damage
  • Prep wall for installation
  • Install weather barriers
  • Install siding
  • Includes Manufacturers Warranty
  • Exterior paint (optional)

A Home Improvement Vision Come To Life

We take good care of your investment. Our motto states that we’re committed to quality, rain or shine. That means no matter the weather, our workmanship will produce a home exterior that will last you decades.

Siding Contractors Clark County

Exterior Siding Installation

The professionals at Elite Home Exteriors NW install siding of all styles and materials that work well in the pacific northwestern climate. Whatever the type of exterior you want for your home, we’ll be happy to advise you of the best choices in the industry.

Industry-Leading Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement particularly works best for this climate, since wood does not last as long in the damp and cloudy climate we have in Southern Washington. When it comes to covering your home in impermeable, durable, and elegant siding, fiber cement is your best choice. Our contractors are well versed with the best brands in the industry:

  • Pre-primed and ready for paint
  • Pre-stained
  • James Hardie
  • Certainteed
  • And more!

Siding Repairs

For small-scale repairs, Elite Home Exteriors NW will be there to help determine how much of the exterior needs to be replaced. Any sign of damaged siding could mean more damage underneath, so we ensure a comprehensive, up-front inspection of your property.

Lead Based Paint Certified

In addition to repairing your home’s siding, Elite Home Exteriors NW is Lead Based Paint Abatement Certified, meaning we are able to work on homes that have used lead based paint. Companies are unable to work on lead based paint homes without this certification. We make sure that we are able to work on every home, without any issues, and that we are properly trained in the correct methods of how to remove siding with lead based paint. This is just another aspect of what makes an elite siding company!

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