Do I need new siding?

First, you need to have a professional come out and take a look! We know what to look for with potential rot. Here in the NW wood siding is one of the worst sidings to have on your home because of the rain and moisture. Wood siding like LP (Louisiana Pacific), T1-11, Cedar Siding, Omniboard, Pressboard, and all other wood siding has a higher probability of water damage. Contact us today for a free inspection and honest opinion of your exterior condition.

What is the best siding?

Honestly, the answer is different for every homeowner. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is great for some people while Vinyl Siding is great for others. Let us tell you the pros and cons of both products. Contact us today for a free exterior inspection and unbiased opinion.

I’m selling my home. Should I reside before I put my home on the market?Elite Home Exteriors FAQ

Chances are the buyer is going to try and negotiate pricing with you. If you have LP Siding (Louisiana Pacific), Cedar Siding, T1-11 Panel Siding, and all other wood sidings, an inspector will find something wrong with your siding. If you have James Hardie Plank Fiber Cement, was it installed per Hardie Guidelines? We will fully inspect your exterior and give you our honest opinion. Work directly with the owners of the company Nick and Ian for the best option to meet your needs.

I’m buying a home. Does it need new siding?

It depends on the exterior product installed and the condition it’s in. Was it installed per manufacturers’ guidelines or did the installers void the manufacturers’ warranty? Let us help you today by contacting us for a free inspection.

How often should I paint my siding?

Paint manufacturers have a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on most products. Wood siding should be painted every 5-7 years. Fiber Cement (James Hardie, Allura, Certainteed) should be painted every 8-10 years and vinyl should never be painted!

Can you paint vinyl siding?

You can if you want it to warp and look melted. One of the cons to Vinyl is the color you pick is the color you see until you reside your home but you save thousands by not painting every 7-10 years.

What if you find dry rot when tearing off my siding or roof?

We charge a fair and reasonable “Time and Material” rates when unforeseen issues come up within the project.

Does my home have Lead base paint?

Pre 1978 homes have a very high probability of LEAD base paint. It can lay down but we have 3m LEAD test kits to tell you during your consultation with the owners of the company whether or not you have LEAD base paint on your home.

Do I need a new roof?

Age of the roof, Shingles that are curling and buckling, missing shingles from the roof, flashing failure, Leaking, Shingle granules missing and Shingle mat is exposed are a few signs that you need a new roof.

What is the best roofing shingle?

Elite Home Exteriors NW trust Owens Corning roof shingles for any reason. Warranty, SureNail Technology, Window Rating, Algae Resistant, Color Options, and SureVent. Contact us for a free consultation and more information for your roof project.

Can you roof over the old existing shingle?

You can up to 3 layers but it will void the manufacturers’ warranty. It’s beneficial to full tear off to thoroughly inspect your roof deck sheathing for water damage.

Do I need new windows or doors?

There are many factors with the need for new windows or doors. Upgrading from Aluminum or Wood windows to energy-efficient Vinyl windows will make a huge difference with the performance of your home. There are many different window manufacturers and options. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information for your home window replacement.

What are the best window brands?

Many manufacturers in today’s world are comparable in price and performance. Simonton Daylight max has a few more perks over other windows at a reasonable price.

What makes Elite Home Exteriors NW different from other exterior companies?

Great question! Nick and Ian are the owners and project managers of the company. You will get authentic and transparent communication from start to finish.  The staff at Elite Home Exteriors NW wants to partner with you on your exterior remodel. Elite provides a comfortable and non aggress approach from start to finish with your project.