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Dry Rot Repair Vancouver WA

Expert Dry Rot Repair Vancouver WA

Dry Rot Repair Vancouver WaFor homeowners that live in Vancouver WA and the rest of the Pacific Northwest, they are well aware that rain is a regular part of the regional weather. Wet and rainy climates can take a severe toll on homes, especially ones that still have wood siding. The damage that moisture can cause is known as dry rot or wood rot. It is a type of fungus that grows in damp wood. Wood rot is a considerable concern to the homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Elite Home Exteriors NW has you covered when it comes to your home’s dry rot issues. As Vancouver’s leader in siding installation and repair, we know what it takes to handle dry rot repair of any size. Our exterior experts can thoroughly inspect your home’s siding for any damage and begin the removal and repair process. Call our team of siding specialists to have them come to check your wood siding for any possible sign of rotting or damage caused by fungus and moisture. Protect your Vancouver WA home from any additional damage by calling Elite Home Exteriors NW today for professional dry rot repair!

Dry Rot in Wood Siding Explained

Many homeowners may not be entirely familiar with dry rot and why it occurs. Wood rot gets brought on by a specific type of fungus that develops from spores that land on wood and thrive with the right amount of moisture. It may present itself in a white or grey form as a growth on wood. Some of the signs of wood rot include paint that has blistered, cracked, or peeled, darker wood than other areas, or even green algae on the wood. The fungus needs consistent moisture to grow, so it generally thrives in climates like that of the Pacific Northwest. It’s difficult to stop the rotting once it has started, but there are different ways to prevent it in the future. Properly treating and sealing wood while maintaining the finish can help prevent wood rot from destroying the siding panels.

Wood Rot Repair Service Experts

Wood Rot Siding Vancouver WAWhen all else fails when it comes to the prevention and maintenance of your home’s wood siding, homeowners should get professional repair help. Dry rot can spread quickly and can end up being costly. If the fungus can spread rapidly, it can cause extensive damage to your home. The repair process from Elite Home Exteriors NW is thorough. When one of our siding experts comes to your home, they’ll inspect:

  • The wood to see if it is soft or showing signs of rot
  • The base of your siding
  • The sub wall underneath
  • The areas around your windows and doors

If dry rot has started to affect your siding, we will then begin the repair process by removing the affected wood and boards, rebuilding the wood, and applying treatments like anti-fungal solutions. If your T1-11 or cedarwood siding has become soft or rotten, don’t hesitate to call the expert siding repair team at Elite Home Exteriors NW today and fix your home’s siding! Choose our professional contractors to treat your wood siding and prevent dry rot in the future. We can repair your cedarwood or T1-11 siding panels to look good as new and adequately treat it!

Lead-Based Paint Certified

epa lead-safe certified firmIn addition to repairing your home’s siding, Elite Home Exteriors NW is Lead-Based Paint Abatement Certified, meaning we can work on homes that have used lead-based paint. Companies are unable to work on lead-based paint homes without this certification. We make sure that we can work on every home, without any issues, and that we have gotten appropriately trained in the correct methods of how to remove siding with lead-based paint. That is just another aspect of what makes an elite siding company!

Vancouver WA’s Siding Experts

Elite Home Exteriors NW is your preferred choice for siding installation and siding repair in Vancouver, WA! Our experienced contractors provide a wide variety of services for your home’s exterior, including:

  • Siding replacement
  • Windows and Window Trim Replacement
  • Painting, Priming, and Weatherization
  • Water Intrusion Repair
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Construction Defect Repair
  • Dry-rot/Mold Repair and Remediation

For quality work and excellent customer service, call us today and have us come out to your Vancouver home for all your siding needs!