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What is a Preferred Contractor?

Posted on by Elite Home Exteriors NW
Preferred Contractor

Sadly a preferred contractor can mean many different things. Some of the main big manufacturers give out “Preferred Icon

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Graphics” like candy to contractors making those contractors look legit. Other big manufacturers charge contractors to be a part of their Preferred Program while requiring that contractor to up-sell specific products.

Some manufacturers do require specific training and factory tours to learn more about the product they are installing.

When a representative (Commission Based Salesmen, Project Manager, Owner of the Company, Consultant) meets with you ask them questions to see if they truly know what they are talking about. Someone who can explain the entire installation process and knows the product specs very well knows what they are doing whether they have a sales gimmicky “Preferred Contractor” sticker.

Why isn’t Elite Home Exteriors NW a preferred company?

We take pride in being an unbiased company. If your full home does not need to be resided, we’ll tell you. Whether you want James Hardie Plank, Vinyl Siding, T1-11 Siding we want to provide you with a product that meets your needs. Does that make sense?


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