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Is Hardie Board Expensive? Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Siding Option for Your Home

Are you in the market for new siding for your home? Maybe you’ve heard that Hardie board is the best siding option but you are afraid it is too expensive. 

You’re wondering … is brick or Hardie board more expensive? Is Hardie siding expensive compared to other siding options? 

We are here to answer your questions about the price of James Hardie siding. 

Keep reading to find out how much Hardie board costs compared to other siding and the top five advantages of Hardie board. 

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How Expensive Is Hardie Board Siding?

Hardie board siding can be one of the more expensive siding options. The typical cost to side a 1,500 sqft house is somewhere between $1,500 and $9,000 with the average being around $5,250. 

When you install Hardie board siding, you need to factor in both labor and materials.

Materials run anywhere from $1.50 to $3.50 per sqft while labor typically costs around $3 – $7 per sqft. 

These prices can be affected by your location and its unique factors such as:

  • Climate
  • Available contractors 
  • Demand
  • Materials
  • Difficulty of Home
  • Hardie Products used
  • Tear off (Cedar Siding, LEAD Based Paint, Stucco Siding, EIFS Siding, Metal Siding)

If you live in a remote area with fewer available contractors, you may find that the price is higher. If you live in a harsh climate, it might cost more to get the job done. If you live in an area where Hardie siding is readily available, you may pay less. 

No matter where you live, the cost of poor installment will always be too high. Hardie siding can be tricky to install and not all contractors are qualified to install it. Before you settle on a contractor, you need to make sure that they have the necessary qualifications. 

Here at Elite Home Exteriors, we believe that our clients deserve the absolute best, which is why we are a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, meaning we carefully follow James Hardie best practices. We are also authorized to offer our clients a 30-year, non-prorated warranty on Hardie siding products.


Is Hardie Board Expensive Compared to Other Siding Options?

Yes. Kind of. 

Your initial, out-of-pocket cost for Hardie siding will be higher than it would be for some other siding options. However, you will not have to pay nearly as much for maintenance. 

Hardie siding is much more durable than other options so you won’t find yourself needing to replace it as quickly. 

When it comes to siding options, there are quite a few and each has a different price point when labor and material are combined:

  • Cedarwood – $6 – $15/sqft, $6,000 – $15,000/1,000 sq ft home
  • Stone veneer – $15 – $30/sqft, $15,000 – $30,000/1,000 sq ft home
  • Vinyl – $2.50 – $5.50/sqft, $2,500 – $5,500/1,000 sq ft home
  • Stucco – $7.50 – $11.50/sqft, $7,500 – $11,500/1,000 sq ft home
  • Hardie board – $7 – $13/sqft, $7,000 – $13,000/1,000 sq ft home
  • Brick – $6 – $15/sqft, $6,000 – $15,000/1,000 sq ft home

Is Hardie board more expensive than brick? Typically speaking, no. If you get the lower end cost on brick, it might be slightly more affordable than Hardie siding but brick tends to run a little more costly than Hardie board. 

Is stucco more expensive than Hardie board? It depends. On the lower end of the two, stucco tends to run a little more expensive than Hardie but the average cost on the higher end puts Hardie as the cheaper option.

How much more expensive is Hardie board than vinyl? Hardie is quite a bit pricier than vinyl but that is because you get what you pay for. 

Vinyl is one of the lowest quality siding options on the market. It fades in the sun and damages much easier than other siding options. Because of this, should you find yourself with a hole in the siding or a nasty scratch, you can’t simply replace that section because the color of siding on your house will never match a market color due to fading.  

If you are looking for the cheapest siding option and are not concerned about quality, you might find that vinyl works for you. But if you are looking for high-quality siding that won’t cost you more in the long run, you should consider opting for Hardie board. 


A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Top 5 Advantages of Hardie Board Siding

Hardie siding is pricey, no doubt, but some massive benefits make choosing Hardie siding a great investment.

Benefit #1: Fire Resistant

Your home is so much more than just four walls. 

It is where you live, where you laugh with friends, and where you spend time with loved ones. It’s your safe place after a hectic day at work. 

Your home is where your life happens. 

When we think of protecting our homes, we often think of security systems, smoke alarms, and insurance. But did you know that the siding you choose has a massive impact on the safety of your home? 

One of Hardie siding’s biggest benefits is that it is fire-resistant. Because it is made of fiber cement, Hardie siding will not catch fire when exposed to flames and will not contribute to the fire as a fuel source. 

When you choose wood siding, you are adding potential kindling to your home, should it ever catch fire. Vinyl siding melts almost instantly when it comes into contact with fire. 

Hardie siding will stand through the flames. 


Benefit #2: Weather Resistant

Picture this: just last week, you put up the final piece of vinyl siding on your new home. It looks fantastic and your chest swells with pride and accomplishment every time you look at it. But, as storm clouds roll in, you get nervous. The weatherman is predicting hail and Mother Nature delivers. By the time rain, wind, and hail subside, your brand new siding is riddled with cracks and holes. 

James Hardie siding is made of fiber cement. It is strong and durable and you can rest easy, knowing that Hardie siding is made to withstand even the toughest storms. 

Not only will your Hardie siding perform well under the pressure of elements, but it will also remain resilient through the hottest summer days and the coldest winter months. 

Hardie siding is built to last. 

Benefit #3: Long Lifespan and Warranty

What you may not realize when you install Hardie siding is that you are making an incredibly long-term investment. 

The Hardie warranty lasts 30 years and siding often lasts even longer. 

If you are used to siding with a shorter lifespan — such as vinyl or wood — you may be nervous to invest in Hardie board. But you can put your mind to rest because, unlike some siding options, Hardie is built to withstand the test of time. 

Benefit #4: Appearance

With Hardie siding, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Hardie is tough as nails but it is also a beautiful and elegant choice for your home. 

If you want your curb appeal to last, Hardie siding is a great option. Hardie board comes in different styles and colors, offering you a wide array of options. 

Are you are looking for quality siding that does its job and looks great at the same time? You should strongly consider Hardie board. 

Benefit #5: Low-Cost Maintenance

It is true, Hardie board can have a slightly larger price tag than some alternative options. 

But, when it comes to maintenance, Hardie more than makes up for its shelf price. 

With Hardie siding, there isn’t a whole lot you have to do to keep it in good shape. You should clean it once or twice a year and make sure that bushes are not growing up around it. 

While there are a few other things you ought to do to maintain your Hardie siding, compared to the competition, your maintenance is low-cost and low effort. You don’t have to worry about replacing it every few years and repairing any damage that may occur is typically quick, easy, and affordable. 


Can You Reduce the Cost of Hardie Board by Installing It Yourself?

When you start looking into contractors and what they charge versus the cost of material, you might be tempted to don your toolbelt and start searching the internet for instructions on installing your own Hardie board

DIY Hardie board installation is possible and it will cut down on your up-front costs. 

But, even though you might pay less on paper, you stand a good chance of shelling out way more money than you think. 

Installing siding is time-consuming and difficult. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may find that you have a mess on your hands. 

Before you can even begin, you need many things:

  • Siding
  • Trim
  • Wrap
  • Tools
  • Lots of time

Another point to consider is that, although James Hardie offers one of the best warranties in the industry, their warranty does not cover damages during installation. This means that, if you damage the siding while installing it, you will be fully responsible for it. 

Additionally, if you do not properly install your siding, you could end up with:

  • Leaks 
  • Mold or rot in your walls
  • Massive loss to your home’s curb appeal

Elite Home Exteriors: A James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor and Installer

Is Hardie board expensive? Compared to some other options, yes. But is Hardie board worth the price? Yes. 

If you are looking to install Hardie board on your home and you want the job done right, Elite Home Exteriors is here to tackle the task. 

As a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor and Installer, we are a certified company that knows the best ways to install your Hardie siding to maximize its quality and lifespan. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. 


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Is Hardie Board Expensive? Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Siding Option for Your Home

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