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how to modernize the exterior of your home

How To Modernize Your Home Exterior With These 10 Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to give your home exterior a modern update? 

Staying up to date on the latest trends in home exterior design can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Whether you’re a DIY fanatic or decorator on the go, with the right tips and tricks you can know how to modernize the exterior of your home and make it stand out from the crowd. 

From paint colors to material choices, you can get the modern look you want. 

Are you ready for some stylish and effortless tips to breathe new life into your home exterior? 

You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make with the tips we’ve included in this article.  


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how do i modernize the exterior of my house

How Do I Modernize the Exterior of My House?

Modernizing the exterior of a house can be an exciting endeavor. 

With the right approach, one can create an attractive atmosphere that stands out from other homes in the neighborhood. 

The key lies in achieving …

  • Clean lines
  • Simplicity; and 
  • A balanced sense of scale

… while also incorporating brightness and texture to draw attention. 

A modern look requires careful consideration of both form and function to bring the desired aesthetic together.

The exterior of a home sets the tone for all that occurs within. 

To make sure your home reflects the beauty inside, contact Elite Home Exteriors

We offer a free consultation to find out what renovations you need to modernize the exterior of your home.

how to modernize your home exterior

10 Ways To Modernize the Exterior of Your Home

#1: Refresh Door and Window Paint

The front door of a home is a great place to start modernizing its exterior. 

Consider the type of colors you want for your home by either:

  • Making a statement and transforming the entire look of your house by picking bold and bright hues, which can create a striking focal point for those just passing by; or
  • Choosing safe and neutral colors, which are timeless and elegant if done correctly, giving your home exterior warmth and sophistication at the same time.

In addition, pay special attention to the windows, as they can help frame your front door nicely and add an extra touch of boldness with colorful trim. 

And don’t forget about your garage doors – use them to further enhance the door with consistent paint colors to strike unity across all elements of the exterior.

#2: Update Lighting

Do you want your home to feel more inviting? Consider updating your lighting. 

When it comes to exterior lighting, there are several things you should consider…

  • Placement
  • Bulb type
  • Wattage; and
  • Color temperature 

… creating lighting effects throughout the home’s exterior. 

Make sure you have adequate light in all areas, such as walkways or covered patios or decks.

For a modern look, add fixtures with clear glass shades so they stand out against brick walls or natural stone surfaces. 

Consider adding dimmers or motion sensors to create that perfect after-dark ambiance too!

#3: Maintain Landscaping

Keeping up with mowing, weeding, and mulching the lawn is important, but also consider how your …

  • Shrubs
  • Trees; and
  • Plants

… could give a more modern look to your property.

Colorful blooming flowers can add accent colors which often help highlight features you want guests to focus on. 

Adding raised beds filled with wildflowers in shapes other than just a square can give a modern and fresh look without a lot of effort.

Another helpful way to improve your landscaping curb appeal would be by using gravel or stones (instead of mulch) to fill places where grass won’t grow such as alongside paths or close to walls.

#4: Fix Imperfections

Making an effort to notice and fix imperfections can go a long way in modernizing the exterior of your home. 

Over time, age, wear, and tear reveal themselves in our home exteriors through:

  • Cracked driveways
  • Peeling paint
  • Faded shutters
  • Discolored doorways
  • Broken mailboxes
  • And more 

Little details like this can bring character to the exterior of your home if taken seriously. 

Replace or refresh all loose or outdated hardware, such as handles, door knobs, and knockers. 

If there is any debris settled around faucets, pipes, or exterior basement entrances, sweep them periodically and spray down dirt patches with a pressure washer for a clean look.

how to modernize outside of house

#5: Create An Attractive Entryway

Creating an inviting and appealing entryway can do wonders to modernize the exterior of your home

If you need ideas, here are a few:

  • Widen walkways by either trimming down overgrown shrubbery.
  • Decorate with planters filled with small flowers.
  • Add concrete steps for a more enhanced look. 
  • Install lights along dark walks or driveways.
  • Add columns or trellises at the entrance.

Enhancing the frame around your door with architectural elements can completely replace the existing look and make it more modern. 

Replacing or upgrading your mailbox is another way to elevate the entryway’s appearance — opt for a sleek, modern creation that complements the design of your new entryway.

#6: Add Wooden Elements

Adding wooden elements can modernize the look of your home’s exterior in a timeless way. 

This can include using:

  • Wooden doors
  • Arches
  • Columns; and 
  • Other decorative elements 

By using wood accents, you are creating a beautiful mix of modern and traditional textures which can give your exterior home space an updated vibe.

Wood is also great for creating focal points and — depending on the stain or color you choose — will dramatically change the look of your house.

#7: Lighten and Brighten the Facade

Lighter exterior colors are a great way to modernize the look of your home. 

When deciding on a color, try looking at modern home exterior colors from magazines and websites, or even taking pictures of homes in your neighborhood with an eye-catching new paint job.

Some of the most popular lighter home exterior colors include:

  • Cream
  • Off-white
  • Muted gray 
  • Light blue; or
  • Soft green

You don’t have to go with a single color either. 

Combining two shades can help play up interesting details in your facade like window frames, plants, and furniture.

how to modernize the exterior of your home

#8: Decorate the Porch

Decorating a modern front porch can be an enjoyable affair, allowing you to bring your unique personality and style to the outside of the house. 

With a few simple elements, you can make your porch stand out in the neighborhood and give passersby something to admire.

Some great ways to decorate your front porch in a modern style are:

  • Adding structure to balance larger features such as benches, swings, or chairs with lighter elements like planters or furniture.
  • Using shelter for statement pieces, such as archways, pergolas, and trellises that also provide shade from direct sunlight on hot days. 
  • Considering multiple levels to create areas for conversation or lounging in your porch design. 
  • Displaying plants like succulents, yucca plants, Kalanchoe cacti, and aloe vera arranged in concrete or colored glass planters.

Choosing which items best suit your home will depend on personal preference. 

However, all these updates can help create a balanced yet inviting modern porch space that you’ll be proud of.

#9: Update the Roof

Many homes have traditional shingle roofs — and while they look great when first installed, they age quickly, making them look dull and worn. 

If this applies to your home, it may be time to consider updating it with something more modern.

You don’t necessarily have to tear off the existing shingles if they’re in good condition.

Instead, you can:

  • Upgrade them by adding a layer of newer material, like preferred PVC or thermoplastic polyolefin, (TPO) roofing
  • Make your roof flat which will instantly update its appearance; and
  • Get rid of the shingles and properly trim any overhangs and seal the edges

To further modernize an older roof, try simply cleaning it up or getting rid of any unnecessary items like old chimneys or vents that no longer serve a purpose. 

By taking these simple steps, you’ll instantly bring a whole new feeling to your home exterior that could make all the difference when it comes time for potential buyers or visitors alike.

#10: Replace Siding

Replacing your siding can help modernize your home, and at Elite Home Exteriors, we have multiple options to give you the look you’re going for. 

Home materials like …

… can be modernized depending on what style you choose.

If replacing your siding sounds appealing, don’t delay — contact Elite Home Exteriors.

Let’s begin the conversation so our team can come out and assess how we can upgrade your home’s façade and get the modern look you want.

Let Elite Home Exteriors Help You Modernize the Exterior of Your Home With New Siding Installation 

When it comes to modernizing the exterior of your home, Elite Home Exteriors is the team for the job. 

Our professional team members are trained James Hardie ELITE contractors who are experienced in providing new siding installation services to give your home a modern and updated look. 

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We also specialize in offering customized solutions tailored to fit both your budget and personal style.

The siding installation process is quick and easy when you have an experienced team like Elite Home Exteriors on the job. 

With our help, you can transform any existing home into something modern, vibrant, and refreshed.

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how to modernize your home exterior

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How To Modernize Your Home Exterior With These 10 Tips and Tricks

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